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Hey everyone.

I'm having issues with my wordpress theme where the footer will show under the sidebar in chrome and sometimes the sidebar will only show under the main content in internet explorer.

also my adsense ads aren't showing in either chrome or internet explorer.

everything works perfectly in firefox though.

been learning html and css as i go along in creating my theme and didn't notice the layout error in chrome and i.e. till a friend pointed it out.

url is www dot unleashreality dot com

would really appreciate any help or advice on it. happy to share all the theme files if anybody would like to take a look at them.

thanks again
unleash reality
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    Chrome is particularly tricky with this issue. It's always trial and error with this stuff, but here's a couple of things to try.

    I notice that the footer2 div is inside a list in the flow of the document code. This list seems to start inside the sidebar div, so that might be why some browsers are treating it as part of the sidebar. At a glance, I think this is happening because the list in your sidebar isn't getting closed.

    I can't see the </ul> anywhere in the code, but I do see what seems to be some <li> and </li> tags that might be commented out where they aren't supposed to be. I think this might also be why your adsense isn't showing, ie list tags being left open via comments etc.

    I'd start by seeing if you can get the lists running as desired. Then, I'd change up the code of the footer2 style a little. From what I can see, it is told to float left. You might have better luck telling it to position itself absolutely to the bottom of the page. That is, give it position:absolute, and bottom: 0 - like in this example: CSS Layout - 100% height

    I think pretty much it's not that you have a Chrome or IE issue, it's that the code is a bit broken, but Firefox does the best job of making sense of code even if it isn't totally perfect.

    Also, did you know that Chrome is really awesome for trouble shooting your code? Take a look at your site in Chrome, then pick an area you want to inspect closer, right click on it, and choose "Inspect Element". It will give you a popup that will show you all the details of where that element is sitting in your code flow, and what the browser thinks it is supposed to be doing. It's ultra handy. Also, it's the best browser for viewing source as everything is color highlighted so you can see what's what. These tools are how I spotted the things above.

    Good luck with the fix.
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    Shoot me your theme if you want. I can't promise anything but I'll look into it this weekend.
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    Thanks for being so helpful,

    your suggestion was on point.

    div that i didn't close in the sidebar. duhh!!!

    thank you
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