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I am a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant and I need advice on the best way to promote my business.

The website TS gave me is:
tastefullysimple -(dot)-com/ConsultantWebPageLanding.aspx?name=kmartin8

But this is two long so I used easypreparedfoods-(dot)-com and did a 301 URL redirect.

The problem is search engine are not picking up the site.

I also have other affiliates that give me a URL to use but I still think it better to have my own URL

I also have to follow the rules below.

What it the best why to market the affiliate programs?



I have to go by these rules from TS:

1.) You may not purchase a sponsored link on a search engine website (example: Google, Yahoo).

2.) You may not create your own sales or commerce oriented website to sell Tastefully Simple products. The only
website that you may use for the sale of Tastefully Simple products is the one you may purchase through Tastefully
Simple (see myHQ/Market My Business).

3.) You may create a redirect to your Tastefully Simple website.
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    I am not sure that redirect refers to IFraming the domain within another one. You may get in trouble trying to make the page they gave you show up under a different domain name. The best way to go about doing this affiliate program would probably be to make a Facebook page. Name it something unique like Cypers Tastefully Simple. Then do it up with your info, some reviews and whatnot. At that point after you got your page done you can do a redirect and put your redirect link in the description.

    Ask them about iframing the site under a different domain name. If they allow it you can get a free .tk domain by googling or buy one with godaddy and using domain masking which is incredibly easy using the system they have.

    Start with facebook page, posting reviews, filling your info in, put your affiliate link on front page or redirect, then make some facebook ads and you should see some profit to be made. You are unlikely to get any iframed / redirect page to show up in the search engine but your facebook page is possible. Hope this helps.
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      @TheMadHatter Thank you for the reply. For facebook, would it be better to sign up as a new user or use the my own user then use the page option?

      This is there rule on redirect.

      You may create a redirect to your Tastefully Simple website. It is your responsibility to ensure that the verbiage used

      in the redirect would be acceptable by Tastefully Si
      mple, and does not contain both "Tastefully" and "Simple".
      Tastefully Simple reserves the right to request, and you agree to, the immediate removal of any redirect that
      Tastefully Simple feels, in its sole discretion, is inappropriate, unacceptable, misuse

      s Tastefully Simple's intellectual
      property, or in any way violates the Business Policies.

      Redirects that would not be acceptable would include words or statements that are defamatory,
      inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of
      a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of ANY law.

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    I would just use the page option on your normal Facebook account. It is easier to keep track of that way. It sounds like you have the kind of redirect they are looking for. I suggest making the page "Easy Prepared Foods" or "Easy Prepared Foods by -Your Name-" and putting the redirect at the top of the page in the about section. I have seen some similar types of affiliate programs out there. Some things that help them are promoting to family members, posting products/pictures in the news feed, using Facebook advertising but start slow and see what converts .05ish cost per click bid, as well as doing free promos if you can for products. With Facebook marketing for what you are doing I would suggest targeting people interested in/ who liked similar products as well. Just thinking bout it, you could probably find a couple good food products, get a couple good pictures of them, use those food products as ads, target the people who like those specific foods and market those foods specifically to those people if you can via your FB page. You should probably put a little spin here and there on it but this should get you going.
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      I will give it a try! Thanks again!
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