What is the difference between a WP theme and a premium WP theme?

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Im getting a new site made and the designer has 2 prices. One for a WP theme and one for a premium WP theme. What would be the difference?
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    You are paying for something that you probably don't need with a premium theme.

    I generally use the WordPress.org hosted and developed themes as is or a child theme based on them.

    They are in my opinion the best basis for developing a website for any niche. Installation of a custom header image is simple and will set your site apart from the crowd.






    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    A premium theme will cost you a few extra bucks...but all the hard work is done already. Just modify to fit your needs.
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    Premium theme you must pay money for it, of course premium theme often is professional theme because it consume more time to do.
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    There is a huge difference compared to a free theme right lets look at twenty eleven then look at something worth $75 normally the paid theme will have extra features like easier customization and more user friendly to read.

    Id say if you have the money then go for it!
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      Premium Themes cost money but generally provide more configuration options, more features, more structure flexibility, and a more professional look out the box with more customization options. Sometimes subscriptions or memberships to websites that offer premium themes can be inexpensive, like Elegant Themes.

      Keep in mind that WP Plugins can provide powerful styling and customization options and additional features for your WP Theme.

      It also depends on the type of site your trying to create. If you're creating a Coupon site or Amazon affiliate site then you would probably be best to purchase a Premium theme specifically designed and optimized for that purpose.

      I prefer Premium themes and start my search based on the business and the purpose of the site.

      Hope this helps.
      FiveStead - Buy and sell small services and products.
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  • Hi Bigballin6161,

    ask your developer first, is there any special advantages of the premium theme that suits your desire ?

    If there is, then wear a premium theme.
    If no, then the default theme of wordpress like twenty ten up to twenty thirteen is the best to be customized.

    Essentially, it's all according to your needs.
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    with Premium you will get support and complete documentation
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    Premium theme should have exclusive support from its developer you obtain upon purchase, while free theme not always.
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    WP stands for Wordpress Press. Any WP theme can be Free or Premium (Paid). Obviously Free has little options and Paid ones gives you lot of flexibility.
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      Either way, you're paying for someone to do your WP site for you, so they are either going to use a free theme and alter it for you or a premium theme which they have to pay for and put the cost over to you, depending on the theme, you may want to do that, but if he's customizing the site for you, shouldn't make a difference.

      It's all personal though, the theme is a big deal and ultimately should be easy for you to use after it's installed.

      You can preview the theme before moving forward.
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    If you want something very easy too use and with many cutomizable options, you should consider buying a theme.

    If you are on a budget, find a free WP theme and spend money on good plugins
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    There are many free WordPress themes that may suffice but it depends on your niche or business. If you have a professional site then spring for a premium theme if you can afford it. Your designer should be able to show you a couple options before making the purchase so that you agree with their choice. After all it is your site and should reflect your input.
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