Need help with photoshop.

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Hi warrior members, I need help. I'm not sure if this is correct place to post,if wrong may moderator could move to appropriate place.

I'm not web or illustrator designer but sometime I like to design to image...recently i want to learn to design some ebook cover, so I click to make new file but suddently there's note appears "could not create new document because scratch disks are full"..what can I do??where to the scratch disks, so I can delete the data I don't need anymore??

Thanks for your help.
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    Free up some hard drive space.
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    Hi, Amilia007

    Scratch disks full means, that there is no sufficient memory to perform a task. In this case 'creating a new document'.

    How to fix this is:
    clear some memory in your computer. May be deleting unnecessary files/deleting temporary Internet files/emptying recycle bin etc.

    If you have partitions in your computer: lets say you installed photoshop in 'C:' drive and you have lot of free space in 'D:' drive then here's how to fix this.

    1)Open Photoshop, Go to the menu - Edit > Preferences > PlugIns & Scratch Disks...
    2)Under Scratch Disks: In "First:" Select "D:" instead of Startup. Then "Second:" could be another drive (if available with free space) or Startup.

    then restart Photoshop.
    you will not have any more problems :-)

    Feel free to ask me if you need further clarifications.

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      This happens occasionally when I'm on my laptop. Photoshop takes a lot of resources, so your computer needs to be ready to handle it. Definitely do the steps outlined by SD Studio. I have to delete any large files on my laptop that I can in order to get some more hard drive space. Then, it is best to restart the machine.

      If you still run into trouble, then you might need to get more or otherwise upgrade your RAM.

      Also note: If you are using a Solid State Drive (SSD), make sure that the scratch disk is NOT set to use the SSD. I have found that SSD drives do not function well as scratch disks for Adobe software. I do not know why.

      If you are in the middle of working on a photoshop file and you try to save it, but it fails because "scratch disks are full," don't worry! You can still save your file. All you need to do is plug in a large external hard drive. Set your scratch disks to be the external drive (Like SD Studio advised). Then, voila! You should be able to save your work to that external drive without issues.

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    Thank you for all members reply, you informations are very useful to me.
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