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    it is in your css file, here is the line:
    #head ul {width:516px; height:44px; margin-top:58px; float:right}
    change margin-top

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    Yes. There is a margin top css property which is showing the more space between top till menu. so please remove that margn-top property or reduce it as per your convenient space needs.

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    The next css question you will have is logo.png is really 72 pixles high but only has 36 allocated in css.
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    Thanks guys! Now I just need to raise up that purple bar and the logo, the purple bar is the top part of a *.png file, that houses the flash object. I want to move the flash object and the *.png housing up too, so the purple bar sits right below the menu buttons.


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      Take a look at your style sheet.

      #head										{width:100%; float:left; background:url(headBg.png) repeat-x}
      .head_height								{height:478px}
      .head_pad									{padding-bottom:30px}
      #head_cen									{width:800px; margin:0 auto}
      #head_sup									{width:800px; float:left; position:relative}
      h1.logo										{width:241px; height:72px; margin-top:105px; float:left; background:url(logo.png) no-repeat}
      Not sure if that is the cause, but worth taking a look at it.
      Margin-top:5px might sort it, or not as the case may be.
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    That totally got the logo up to the right spot, now I just need the flash object and the image housing to go up a little bit. Thanks everyone!! Anyone know how to get those to move up?


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