Need a review of my new website please

by itdon
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Hello warriors,
Please review my site and guide me to make
it better.
URL: Sial Web
I am a bit confused if the design and navigation is easy to understand. Please tell me what you think and suggest how can I improve it. Any criticism is more than welcome.
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    It's not a horrible looking site by any means...

    But it's a little "jumbled up" for my taste.

    And the menu bar up top looks tacky.

    But again, this is just my opinion.

    I'd consider going with something a little less cluttered.
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    It does seem a little bit cluttered and confusing. I'm not sure what your site is supposed to be about - it appears to be about a whole bunch of different things. I think visitors will be confused about exactly what they are supposed to do or what to look for.

    Perhaps you could include a short paragraph just under the header, before the content, describing what your site is about and what action you want visitors to take.
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  • Profile picture of the author jay walters
    The site looks okay but it needs a little improvement.
    1. Menu bar - if you can make it a way that it should be in one line so that it would look clean.
    2. It would be okay if there is some sort of a yahoo like a slider that would be use for the latest news before you go to the other news.
    3. And the site looks confusing because the content is like compressed into one area. If you could check yahoo news that would be a good model for you.

    I hope this helps. Just a suggestion though
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        Suggest you remove your hello world post and mr wordpress for recent comments. Makes your site look like an autoblog. cheers
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    The menu bar obviously, as already said.
    When it should be something like Yahoo, it should also look more like that.
    Top News, News by Category...
    Better contoures, Bigger headlines...
    Perhaps recent posts downwads and 3 lines of news, instead of 2.
    An Hello Message, or something, which tells the user what the website is about. What makes it special. On the side or below the Logo...

    Just a few thoughts...
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    • Profile picture of the author SuddenHealth
      I agree with some of my colleagues here, it's a bit cluttered and it's definitely unclear on what the site is all about, there is a lot of information to choose from, not targeted.

      What's the purpose of your site? Who is your audience supposed to be?

      If we knew that, it would be easier to provide some appropriate feedback.
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    Why it not be complicated because site has many categories and It should be like this.
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  • Profile picture of the author farrukhnawaz
    All is Well But you cant take Idea from pakword , Menu should be in Single Line and all category thumbnails should be separated from each other. So visitor find it easy to see posts. jay walters said right that is confused little bit. So take a survey again.
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  • Profile picture of the author ViralMediaBoost
    Looks ok but i think the logo and content need improving.
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    Why don't you take the logo to center? It will appear to be more complete.
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    nice and clean design.
    Correct arangment of the posts, columns.

    I think the think that is not good, is your logo.
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  • Profile picture of the author yeadh
    Design is ok.
    For a news site this design is good.
    But try to make a better menu and if can make the site responsive.
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