WordPress, what does this mean?

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I just finished setting up my new blog and I am seeing this on all the pages in my dashboard;
Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /home4/timpears/public_html/culuxury.com/wp-content/plugins/shareaholic/utilities.php on line 680

What the hell does that mean?
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    The shareaholic plugin installed is corrupt, uninstall or delete it.
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    disable shareaholic, you might try to remove it and reinstall.
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    Simply delete the shareaholic plugin following the root.
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    It will not install without giving me this error. WTH

    Tim Pears

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    Wordpress was updated 3 days ago (3.7.2 was it?) it has made several plugins fail. This plugin does not have the latest Wordpress update listed as compaitible. Worth asking the developer if it needs updating.

    Paul Rone-Clarke
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    You may have to disable it in the c panel.
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    Disable/Delete from CPANEL - File Manager from your plugin directory.
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    Just rename the /home4/timpears/public_html/culuxury.com/wp-content/plugins/ directory using your cpanel or your ftp program. Then login to your WordPress control panel and select the plugins tab. WordPress will then disable all the plugins, and you can restore the plugins directory to the correct name. Reactivate the plugins one at a time except the plugin that has the problem. You may have to repeat the previous if you had another plugin causing problems.


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    Make sure you have the latest version of shareaholic. It looks like this error has been fixed in the latest version (released 11-5-2013).

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