What Wordpress Theme Should I Use ?

by Gengis
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Hey guys hope everyone is doing good!

I am a full time work from home marketer but I have so much free time in my hands so I want to start offering simple wordpress websites for offline clients and friends etc..

My Question : What's the BEST Theme in your opinion for creating really nice sites for business owners that can be put together fairly quickly and sold for about $150 give or take?

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    Originally Posted by Gengis View Post

    Hell guys hope everyone is doing good!

    I am a full time work from home marketer but I have so much free time in my hands so I want to start offering simple wordpress websites for offline clients and friends etc..

    My Question : What's the BEST Theme in your opinion for creating really nice sites for business owners that can be put together fairly quickly and sold for about $150 give or take?

    Hmmm...A couple good business ones I bought are Hyperion, Monaco, Freelance...they are all Studiopress sites using the Genesis framework.

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    You Can Try Elegant Themes, Mythemeshop, both are offering some great , responsive and elegant designs.
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    You could always design your own themes. I use this site: Wordpress Theme Generator, Editor, Template Creator - Lubith.com (not an affiliate link)
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    I think Capital is a great theme. It looks very professional and there are a lot of possibilities. You are not limited in any way with this theme and it is easy to integrate widgets and to incorporate commerce. Capital WordPress Theme
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    Thanks for all the replies guys! I'll look at all your recommendations..
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    I have been building Wordpress themes a lot lately. I started by using Elegant Themes, very inexepensive, solid themes. Once my volume got up, I started using Rocket Themes. These themes are the coolest, most modern, most customizable themes I have ever seen and they are very easy to manipulate once you get familiar with their systems. Non-affiliate links below:

    WordPress Themes Loved By Over 200k Customers
    Joomla Templates, WordPress Themes, Magento Templates and phpBB3 Styles - RocketTheme
    GB Solutions | Small Business Website & Marketing Solutions

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    What about to ask your clients to choose some theme from websites like Themeforest? This way, you can be sure he will like it and you can also sign up for their affiliate program and send to your clients affiliate link so you will get commission even if the client purchase the theme and will not use your services.
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      It's funny. When I read your OP I knew exactly what responses you'd get and you did. I take a different tact. I've found that for most markets, flashy features simply get in the way of actually funneling a web user to a sale. The web user doesn't give a hoot what you spent on your theme (if anything). If it delivers what they're looking for reasonably they'll buy what that site offers.

      I'll admit I have no fear of doing a bit of coding now and then, but I've found I can do just as well with self-customized free WordPress themes than all these bell-and-whistle ones. You can make as much money with just the default 2013 theme as a purchased theme with just a little tweaking. My current favorite is a freebie that's been around few years called Coraline. It has several sidebar placement options and great widget placement. I couple it with free plugins like Easy Columns, Exclude Pages from Navigation and TS Custom Widgets. Without much effort I've modified free themes to be imperceptible from mega dollar custom websites. It's really not that hard and probably less of a hassle than buying one from somebody and having to deal with them forever thereafter for support and such.
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    Use the fizz theme, it's the one of the best wp theme, if you want pm me i know a website where you can download it for free
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      For your purpose I like something like theme-junkie.com

      The reason is for a one time fee, I think it is $100.00 you get lifetime access to all the themes.

      The back-end of these themes is very similar so once you learn one theme the rest will be easy to learn

      You can offer your clients a wide range of themes to choose from

      These are just a few of the reasons I like theme-junkie themes


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    I use My Instant Theme For business because it is so flexible. You can check it out here... (No Affiliate link)

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    I suggest you to use Genesis Framework and its Child Themes. Because they are secure and search optimized. I started my business of creating Custom Genesis Themes because of cracking benefits of Genesis.

    I still don't have an clear idea whether it is possible to add my Affiliate Links to a thread like this when relevant.

    So What you think about Genesis. If someone can answer my Affiliate Question that would appreciated by a Thanks.

    Dress Up Your WordPress Website With Our Themes
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    I prefer Genesis or Platform Pro . There are a few other easily customizable themes out there similar.

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    I believe that nothing suits your work better than what you design yourself.
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      If you're only going to charge $150, you should look at one of the theme companies that has a yearly subscription model so you don't end up paying 30% of your fee on themes. The more themes they have, the more you'll get used to their framework, but there isn't so much variation in most themes that you'd get lost or anything.

      Beyond that, why don't you just send them 3-4 examples of what you could do and let them pick?
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    You can find someone to create custom theme for $150. Theme should be very easy to use but most of the premium themes are not. They include a lot of functions.
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    Woo Themes are nice but the trouble is they get overused a bit. Like Empire Builders use the same theme for their site that I have.

    It's worth looking round for some custom themes that exactly match the idea you have for your site. Like I've just build a keyword ideas site and was kicking around the idea of a desk type theme, and here is my site using the theme: Niche Idea of the Day - Your Keyword Finder Tool

    I think I deserve bonus points for using a WP theme with ASP.NET custom code

    Incidentally, I found this theme from Google's Image Search.
    ÖŽ FindABlog: Find blogs to comment on, guest posting opportunities and more ÖŽ

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    You can use SKT Themes they are making good themes with free installation. Or best idea is to get a wordpress theme and get it customize by a developer so it doesn't look almost same like other sites
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    These are my favorite themes:

    » Canvas of Woothemes (responsive)
    » Dynamik Website Builder (Child Theme for the Genesis Framework)
    - is essentially the next generation of Catalyst.
    » Thesis
    » Headway

    I love them because I can just easily customize these themes.

    I like Udesign of Themeforest (responsive) too.

    Break a leg and more power!

    Louie Tugas
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    There are many great themes you can find on Themeforest.
    We setup and design wordpress sites using the Divi theme for roughly 200 USD. Let's talk.
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    Since you need to build different kinds of websites, I suggest you to use a comprehensive flexible WordPress theme to website designing for earning money.
    I recommend you to look for one on the Free responsive WordPress themes site.
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