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by BillyW
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Hello Fellow Warriors,

Just finished up my new site The Casino Web Directory. Looking for feedback. Any and all thoughts are appreciated.
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    My thoughts...


    I love the background and the logo. Both look professional.

    The color scheme is nice as well. Replicating the colors from a deck of cards is a nice touch.

    The page is very clean and looks simple and straightforward. Your visitors will never get lost.


    A minor personal issue, but I've always preferred fixed backgrounds over scrolling. I think it's a more stylish look and feel.

    The site's a little bland in certain areas (more below).

    The logo's nice, as I said, but all of that empty white space in the header looks bad. You definitely need to add something there.

    The font is extremely generic. You should definitely consider using something a little flashier and casino-themed, at least for the headers and navigation bar.

    The footer, like the header, is a little empty. If your site has social media accounts, I'd suggest adding icons there which link to them, and maybe even a smaller version of the logo.

    Overall, you've built the foundation for a great site which both looks good and has easy navigation, you just have to add a little more detail to it and add some content to make it feel more alive.

    Good luck.
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    mate your are website is good looking but sorry to say your logo is not good
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    Thank you guys for the feedback. I'll work on filling out the header and footer and look at changing the font as well.
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    I agree with "embossitworld" your website is looking good , but your logo is not so good.
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    Not a fan of the background, it's really distracting. Maybe you could work the design into the top header or something.
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    Your background is too bright for the eyes. Make some hover for your nav and also like what they said your logo does not look good.

    Jayson Leano
    Web Front End Developer
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