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Hiya I have a responsive theme on my blog blog.relationshipsurgery.com

The problem is that when viewed on a mobile device, the ads overhang the content to the right side. In other words, when I load a post up on my iPhone, the 336px ad is not centred on the screen, it overhangs to the right so you only see 4/5th of the ad. This has meant my ctr is well down.

Is there a way to make the ad sit nicely in the middle when viewed on an iphone? I use Best Adsense plugin to show ads.
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    Oliver, I have just written a post on checking/testing responsive themes and yes, you are right, there is a problem with the ad on an IPad.
    However, you can now have your Adsense ads served up in responsive format. At the bottom of my post (Responsive Website Testing: How You Can Check Your Own Site), there is a link to a very good source that shows you how to configure your site for responsive Adsense. I hope it helps out.
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    You need to make sure the theme you use is responsive.
    And if your current theme is not responsive, you can choose another one.
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    If you are good with css then you may center it using css as with most responsive themes they have mobile.css which is separate than main css.

    Also you can make the ad not visible for mobile phones (another option).

    Lastly hire a wordpress developer who can make this happen for a quick bucks.
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