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Hai All,

JobPencil: Jobs - Job Search - IT Jobs in USA - Find Technology Professionals This is Our Site. Please Review the site and give a suggestion

Thanks in Advance
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    Your site is nice and easy to follow, I like the layout and it looks like a typical search site. A few suggestions below to get :

    - Darken the input field text at the top for sign-up, its way to light (you can barely read it -also increase the font size of these 2 boxes)

    - On that subject, why is there are sign-in form on the left when you already have links on the right in the orange box with one for Job Seekers and one for Employers? Is the sign-in box on the left going somewhere else? or is it global? maybe you need to come up with a label to show what it is.

    - The search box needs some work visually. I think you need more padding around the form elements, make it stand out by using the deep blue for the background maybe.

    - Be more consistent with your content panel styling. On the post resumes page you have rounded corner boxes on the login box while on the home page they are square.

    - Grey background is a little dull. Maybe find a seamless background gradient or tile so make it a little more interesting.

    - I'd go up a font size for the footer links.

    - the feature jobs panel could be higher up, to me its too far down. maybe try postioning the search box so spans across 2 columns at the top (lose the "seach jobs" title box to make more space and move it within the search box area). If you do this you should get the featured jobs content higher up.

    I hope this feedback is helpful. Good luck with it!
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    Thanks For Your Suggestions
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    wesome look & feel. I love the icons on your navigation buttons. My suggestion is please try to increase the font size of the "How it works" Page. Overall a good job.
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    Overall its looks good, I noticed it was a little slow to load though.
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    Your website is very good. The color scheme also appreciable. I give you some suggestion to improve your design.
    First on is that your Login form text box text are very highlight, you need to give some dark color to the text.
    Second is that your slider is not working correctly its overlap .
    Third is that is if the footer text color is black it will look good.
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    1. Can improve loading speed
    2. try to adapt some design strategies wrt today's standards
    3. Job Listings looks cool

    Acodez IT Solutions is an award wining web design company in India. Please do take a look at some of our recent/ongoing works at Web Design Company in India which will give you an idea on the quality which we adhere to.

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    1. As others say, you need to improve loading speed.
    2. I do not think the font is the best for your site.
    3. the layout looks not harmony.
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  • your design is good but in the lower right and in your footer try adding more text and icons because there are spaces that are unused
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    First I would like to say your website loading time is slow that is the big issue and your website looks very clean, fonts are good neither too big or too small and the one last thing is everything is clear in your website according to your website layout.
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