Why does google search return the wrong domain?

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Hi everyone
We have a relatively new site (about 2 months old) and when I type in the domain name into the google search box it comes up with a different domain. i.e.
I type in howpensions.co.uk it comes back with nowpensions.co.uk

But when I type in just howpensions in the search it comes up??

I have indexed the site with google and verified it via google webmaster tools and added the txt dns record, but still does the same thing.

Does anyone know why this is happening?
Any help would be appreciated.

Also have installed yoast seo and created an xml site map etc.

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    Hi Mark

    i tried typing howpensions.co.uk in the search box and it comes out fine, try to reinstall your browser, another possibility is that there is a virus in your pc.
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    I think it's simply becauseof the extension. Google knows more people search for nowpensions.com (which is what I get, not .co.uk) than your own site, so it's kind of suggesting that I probably meant to search for the other site. Kind of like it does when you search for a word you spelled incorrectly.

    It shows your site when you search for howpensions I think because it's never searched for, and you've got an emd. Hope that makes sense, and I'm just assuming that's the reason.
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    Alistair is in the right direction here. Google finds this other website to be more relevant than yours. It's not that big of an issue though. I say this because people aren't normally going to search your domain name in Google, instead they're going to go directly to it by entering your domain into their address bar.

    Things should eventually sort itself out as your website progresses, but if it was really bugging you, one thing you could try is incorporating your domain name into your website somehow. Like, when I go to your website I cannot find the text "howpensions.co.uk" anywheres. Even your copyright message in the footer makes reference to "How" SPACE "Pensions" which is why I would say your site is coming up in search engines when you search that phraze.
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      Hi Guys
      many thanks for your help - I think as time goes on as you say this will sort itself out hopefully. Theres is not much content n there yet and no traffic generation. Will start putting relevant keywords in and get the domain name in the text.
      Once again much appreciated for the help guys
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