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Do you like this site? Most wallpapers sites come off as scammy or require downloads. This site is the opposite of that BUT does it look okay as a blog?

Keep in mind, we're trying to come up in Google Images for search terms and there will probably be very few people that come directly to the site anyways.

Finally, any certain wallpapers that you like? Thanks in advance!

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    The design is all right, but I do not like the fonts.
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    Hi mate,
    Design is okay but you do it better and also as above says font is not looking good for wallpaper blog change it please.
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    Do you have full rights to use every piece of content in the wallpapers on your site? If not, please don't pretend that you have high ground compared to other sites. This is my issue with every site like this, and the reason why they "come of as scammy".

    Design is ok. Looks like a WP template, but so do every other site out there. I'm not a fan of tiled backgrounds, but yours works pretty well. The black outline around logo doesn't look good, and I'd get rid of the full site name in the logo (and have it as a normal text instead).
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    The website loading time is not good. It tools at least 10 to 15 seconds to open. First you need to fix this issue.
    If possible then remove the extra white space from the website.
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    1) I would use more of a gallery layout rather than a blog layout since your posts will be images anyway. In my opinion that would look a lot more professional.

    2) The ad on the very top of the page above the header is okay but the fact that it is above the header kind of throws off the whole header area. If you somehow made it to the right of the logo instead of above it that would make it look a lot less bulky.

    3) Also this is kind of just my personal opinion but I'm not really a fan of the background I would do a simple grey background with no pattern.
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    I think the setup is not bad but I'm not in love with the background and page combination. I think if your content area is going to be white then you shouldn't have so much white in your background. I like the backgrounds though! Just my opinion.

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    Agreed that design is good but you need modify some how into text and font so that i =t looking cool.
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      I like the design. Simple and clean.

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