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Hi Guys,

Firstly please accept my apologies if this does not make sense,

I want to build a website with a gallery feature so basically a grid say 10 across and 4 down of images with a text overlay of what the image (product) is, then when the user clicks on the image it expands to show the image, title, description, link and maybe video,

Does anybody know of a plugin and/or info how to build this,

Any help is much appreciated and sorry again if its not clear,

Best regards

Forgot to mention it also needs to be mobile friendly
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    There are tons of jQuery plugins out there that will do this. Google "jQuery responsive thumbnail gallery".

    BTW- you'll normally get a much better response if you use a descriptive thread title (ie "I am looking for X").

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  • send me a (PM) I'm more then happy to help out.

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    IS this what you're looking for? But with extra content under the picture?

    Thumbnail Grid with Expanding Preview

    -edit- this is fully responsive btw.
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      Thanks for the help guys,

      @IzRush that is close enough to what I am looking for, is this a plugin? where can I download it from?

      Many thanks
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    There are so many responsive gallery for desktop and also for mobiles. It is free to download. You can download it free from the following links.
    1. hongkiat.com/blog/free-responsive-image-gallery/

    and also you can make it by your self if you have some knowledge about responsive design.
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