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Guys, more wiser than me, please help me on this, i see in one really cool template i like but there is HTML and Wordpress versions of it, can you tell me what Pros and Cons on that? Why would you choose HTML version over Wordpress and vice versa?

thanks in advance, really appreciate the help!
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    Wordpress version is more flexible and extendable, ie you can easily add content, install plugins, change themes without losing your content.

    HTML version is better for a 'mini site' with only several pages. It's lighter but not so flexible.
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    It all depends on how YOU are going to build your site.
    Will you hand code the HTML pages or are you going to use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress?

    YOU have to decide in wich way you plan to build your site... and then it will become obvious what kind of template/theme you need.

    Why are you asking questions to which only YOU know the answer?

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      There is an article I wrote, on my seo site (look in my signature) that addresses some of the pros and cons of Wordpress. Its under 'First Steps' in the menu. Please read it and ask for any clarifications either in this thread or through my contact form.
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    Its depend on you that what type website you want to make for your client. Wordpress is good for Blogger and content adding web site. Because Wordpress have very strong back office. You can easily add content .
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    HTML is good for those website which has less pages and are the best source language to design the template of the website.
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    You can do a good one with bootstrap.
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  • Depends on your skill set also...We use wordpress because we know basic HTML and wordpress does all the other work. Plus you get fun/cool/useful plugins with wordpress.

    I would go with WP
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    Definitely Wordpress if you are a beginner. You can easily add/edit content, images, change the menu items, install free plugins to add functionality.
    Basically you can do everything once the site is setup.

    If you don't know HTML, every time you need to make any changes to your site, you will need a professional's help to do it. And professionals will charge you for their work, so it's better you install Wordpress.

    Let me know if you have any questions!
    Hope I helped.
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    In my opinion HTML is easier to manage and better because you may have a powerful control over it. Backside is that you need to learn and practice over it before to be able to master it properly.
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      Originally Posted by texico View Post

      In my opinion HTML is easier to manage and better because you may have a powerful control over it.
      That's what you use CMS for. You create page templates so that you can just mess with the content and not care about the HTML. If you happen to choose a well-built WordPress theme you also get rid of all sort of beginner HTML mistakes you might otherwise have.

      Unless your site is one-off campaign landing page that you're editing yourself, not using a CMS is asking for trouble in the long run.
      Links in signature will not help your SEO. Not on this site, and not on any other forum.
      Who told me this? An ex Google web spam engineer.

      What's your excuse?
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