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Hi everyone, I need your help.
I'm working with Godaddy on building a website, and for those of you who know copywriting you know the importance of cosmetic copy.


The website builder I am on does not allow underlining...

Except through a painful html coding process...

And by painful html coding process I mean if coding html wasn't bad enough they force you to use this html content block that keeps glitching out and turn Breaks <BR>...


I guess anyone giving any suggestions, that could be good. I sort of don't want to move hosting. :S

What would really help me out is if people could email => cause they said if they get enough people asking for the underline feature they will change it.

So that could be a long time but if anyone wants to use them for hosting/website building and have segments of written copywrite then you should let them know now before you ever end up stuck in my position.
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    First thing, this post does not belong here -- sorry to be a bit direct but I mean no offense.

    Secondly, you need to call Godaddy on their toll-free number and talk to them. If you're from outside US, use skype to do so.

    Thirdly, you might just be scratching your head troubleshooting an issue that's giving you a strong headache for no fault of your's.

    Tweet about @godaddy & it's services and see their reply. You'll be shocked & surprised that they actually respond to your issue in minutes or even just a day. Because what you say matters to them.

    Mods, please move this thread to the web design section.

    I guess web developers would have better ideas behind getting the OP's problems.

    Be assured, you will get this issue sorted out very soon. Just bang your head in there while speaking to a godaddy customer support rep.

    Or better still, blog about your experience with godaddy & send them a tweet along with a tweet to a lot many prominent people in the internet world. I'm sure you will get things moving faster. Cheers!

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