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Hey Expert Web Creators....help a newbie.

I want to get a program like Photoshop, but I hate paying a monthly subscription man. I dont mind paying for something up front once....anyways...pet peeve.

Any alternatives to Photoshop that you guys recommend? I found this list but am not sure. Thx!

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    I would seriously stick to photoshop and illustrator. Go on craigslist and find someone selling a copy with a key.
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    Try Gimp, its really the only legitimate alternative to Photoshop. You could also get an older version of Photoshop for quite a bit cheaper than the latest ones.
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    You can try alternatives such as Serif PhotoPlus X7, GIMP, Sumopaint, and Online Image Editor.
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    Brand new from Adobe, Photoshop used to go for £1000 on its own.

    Currently, the creative cloud for just Photoshop is £9 a month.

    That means that the one time purchase was equal to 111 monthly payments, or 9 years!

    I was annoyed at the move to a monthly subscription too, but the fact it would now take so long before you've spent the same money, I'm starting to think the move is a good one!

    Plus you get every single update while you're subscribed, whereas those on CS5 had to pay extra when CS6 came out.
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    A lot will depend on what you need the software for. If it's for simple things then a free alternative is probably good enough. However, I love photoshop and if you need to do some advanced editing often it's well worth the cost.

    Honesty, you'd rather pay an upfront cost then a subscription? Photoshop used to cost thousands of dollars and every year they had updates that were several hundred a piece. I much prefer the new subscription model and updates are instant
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      What exactly are you looking? Without knowing this any suggestion wouldn't help you.

      The Alternatives link in Post #1 provides you with some great alternatives.

      Adobe Elements probably has about 80% - 90% main functionally of Photoshop and probably all the functionality a "non-professional" would need.
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    I agree with chaotic squid and luv trees.

    Determine what you'll use it for. If your charging people and making a little moolah from your graphic work, go with Photoshop, if it's personal use for occasional work, use Gimp.

    I resisted the new way Adobe handles it's software (CC), but I finally upgraded and it's SOOO much easier and cheap.
    (assuming you make money from it and use it all the time.)
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    Originally Posted by neuroplastic View Post

    Any alternatives to Photoshop that you guys recommend? I found this list but am not sure. Thx!

    Try them (since they are free) and if you don't find what you are looking for, get PS.
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