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Hi All,

I am using the Firefox Firebug tool to determine where I should put in my breakpoints where the page naturally fails, but there is a problem which I know is very basic but I just can't seem to fix it!!

I'd like to add a breakpoint in at around 925px as I think it looks good up to then.

The page naturally fails at 907px where the subbanner image drops below the banner(logo image) and creates some unwanted white space too. I have tried adding some left margin to try and push it back, tried (clear: both), and tried float:right statement to make it get back into position, I know its staring me in the face and will be very basic to fix, but my brain has given up.

So if someone has an idea where they would look for the problem I would be grateful, and yes I know that I am a web designer and should know this pretty basic css rule:rolleyes: so before anyone suggests learn css and you'll be able to do it, I am learning everyday - im not expecting anyone to do it for me i'm just after a little bit of a helping hand if possible.

I'm also thinking of where the page naturally breaks i'll just create a smaller custom image of the top section for tablet and mobile devices!

I've added some screenshots to highlight the issue.

Thanks in advance.
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