Review My website give a feedback too.

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    Very nice!
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    Overall it looks great on main page i noticed maybe a spell mistake

    No problem! We\\’ll take your

    But yes keep up with the great work
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    Great - but seems like its geared to people who already know web design - html5, CSS3, Responsive etc - these are terms used by developers. The guy on the street wants this -

    "Does your website display properly on your customers phone or tablet? 85% of your customers may now be viewing your site on their mobile device. If it doesnt look right you could be losing the majority of your business. Here at WPDeveloper88 we specialise in taking websites and adapting them to work on your customers mobile device. Give us a call today and find out how easy it is to make your site MOBILE FRIENDLY. There's no obligation - the consultation is free!"

    Looking at the image you have if I was the typical man on the street I'd be saying "whats a HTML5 - is it a type of phone - I have an iPhone so I'm okay - whats a css3 - havent heard of that one - and what are those weird icons - I've no idea whats going on here - I just want my website to look awesome on my new Samsung Galaxy...."

    Remember most people here on the forum are very tech savvy - but who is your customer? The guy on the street - jo blow with the law firm who wants his site to work on an iPhone, or the local Pizza place who knows people order on their Android on their way home from work."

    Hope that helps.
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      Nice design and is well optimized for mobile.The thing that i want to mention is to reduce webpage loading time,being a designer you should have a look at this aspect also
      To check the performance and suggestions visit
      Google speed check, Gtmetrix or pingdom tools
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        Thank you all of them giving quick response and valueable feedbacks
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    Thanks Vandna for you compliment ..
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      Hello Muzzo

      if you want that theme let me know ..


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    Absolutely love the theme! Good job!
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      thanks WP Crew..

      Suggestion are always welcome thanks you
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    Nice and great job wpdeveloper88! I see your website you done really good job. The color combination is very good. I see that you make it in responsive. Its good approach . Because responsive design is now use every where. Over all the website look pretty. I think you need to change top navigation background in small screen because it mix with body background.
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    Not too bad, put together nicely, but I agree it does seem like it could use some work targeting consumers who are less technically inclined. They won't understand some of the terms thrown around unless they've done some research.

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    As others said, you might want to rephrase things in order to target those who aren't familiar with some of the technical terms.

    Also, the first thing that stood out to me was "We Give You Best Support" That is just kind of award. It reads like it was written by someone who's first language isn't English. Maybe something like "We Provide Top-Notch Customer Support" Even just changing it to "We Give You The Best Support" would be better, JMO.
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      I have done change accoding your feeback, Thanks a tons guys,,
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    Since most of the replies are about content - the thread will be closed.
    Remember: here you discuss design, nothing else!

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