Why Is Using Table Element No Longer Acceptable?

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The day came some time ago when I decided to do webpages myself. I was tired of having to rely on my designer to make even the simplest of changes. I knew nothing of webdesign back then and hardly anything about any wysiwyg editor. Once I found the software my designer used, I bought it. He used FrontPage. He created a beautiful website for me. I was proud. After I got FrontPage I learned about folders and FTP. It wasn't long I started to learn to do my own editing.

Now it's been just a few years now and using tables is no longer recommended. I just made a site for a client using a simple web builder offered by the host company. I never used anything like it before, but it was mainly a wysiwyg editor and I did ok. It used tables. Go figure.

Now I have to learn CSS, WP and more if I want to keep up and do most of the designs myself.

So, why is using tables being frowned upon nowadays? :confused:

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