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Hi all,

Have been coming across themes like this one as of late:
Oriolus - Responsive Onepage WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest

but - these are more like "for sale". I have not seen any websites with these in actuality.

Are there any cons to using this type of website - performance perhaps (just trying to figure out why I don't see them "everywhere")

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    From an SEO perspective it's a nightmare.

    As a user browsing such a site, I don't like the experience at all. Way too nervous, constant scrolling and lagging. I can't seem to find anything I want.

    From a technology point of view, definitely interesting.
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    These type of themes are also called parallax themes, the main point is to impress the visitors since it's used for portfolio websites.
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    I love single page layouts, but just like any kind of layout they do have their pros and cons. I like how it forces me to only include the absolute essentials, too many websites have pages upon pages or multiple sub-menus of useless content which can make it extremely difficult to navigate a site and find what your looking for (plus many sites have crappy search functionality).

    With people looking at sites for only a few seconds and with the average bounce rate being 50-60% most people will only ever see your homepage anyways.

    Regarding SEO, some single page layouts do a better job than others, so make sure to look at the details of the theme and how exactly the theme is constructed. Plus, single page layouts don't mean "only 1 page" usually the blog is still a separate area so that can be optimized, and if you're doing a portfolio each "piece" usually has it's own page with images/video galleries, descriptions, tags, testimonials, and case study info.

    The single page layouts usually work best for creative/portfolio websites and for sites showcasing a single product (new app, book, software package, etc...) So they're effective when used properly.
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      Thanks for all the info

      I liked the One-Page theme because it had a "Hero page" or "Hero area". If one has a nice photo, I thought it would be pretty neat.

      Regarding SEO, some single page layouts do a better job than others, so make sure to look at the details of the theme and how exactly the theme is constructed.

      How can you tell a good theme from a bad one with regards to SEO? I am thinking of purchasing this one:
      simplekey - Designed by ThemeVan
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        Originally Posted by dgmufasa View Post

        How can you tell a good theme from a bad one with regards to SEO?
        I usually buy from Themeforest so I'll read the comments, get a feel of what people think of the theme (problems, issues, whats good, whats bad, etc..). Many themes also have support forum, see if a few people are talking about the themes SEO capabilities there. In the theme description there's usually a list of the different features of the theme. If SEO isn't a main selling point of a theme then the developer probably didn't put much focus into it. Maybe even email the developer and express your concern about how SEO friendly the theme is (however they may stretch the truth just to sell you the theme).

        From the theme your looking at, it doesn't seem to focus much on SEO. In fact, in one of the comments the author actually recommends users to get an additional SEO plug-in. However, it's a nice looking theme and has some good reviews.

        Not sure what kind of site your building, but if it's a niche site where you're talking about a single issue then it's fine. If your building an authority site you'd be talking about several different issues/products then you'll probably want to go with a standard multi-page site.
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          Thank you so much for the hints and advice - and for looking at the theme.

          I think that this will work as the idea is to address 3 services ( and not selling a lot of products)

          With regards to the SEO, my only goal would be to just be sure that it pops up first when doing a search on the business name (and not a list of the yellow/white pages) at least.
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    single website is good for nice looking but for SEO purpose its not good.

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    In regards to SEO is it better to ...
    There is a SEO subforum - all seo questions should be discussed there. NOT here!

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    One Page Responsive Web Design is a strategy by which web designer develop the web page which responds to or re-sizes itself according to devices and we can see the desktop, laptop, android, iPad and tablet. One Page Responsive Web Design or E Commerce Websites provides the pros in order to use one website & URL, choose good experience and improve & easy search engine optimization, web analytic's, social sharing, new technologies and cons in order to website performance, design constraints, tough technical, change methods, page load time and limited assets.
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    As I think you already figured, one page are good for limited products, or one product or service. I think they look good myself, just not crazy about the ones that load as you go, think that could cause some issues.

    Sure don't understand how people can make a blanket statements like they are all bad for SEO, don't make sense, and quite miss leading. Not all one pagers are bad for SEO. Come on.
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    One page layouts an SEO nightmare? Hardly...
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      Originally Posted by AZ-439 View Post

      One page layouts an SEO nightmare? Hardly...
      You realise these one page layouts are about an entire website on 1 page. Not just a 500 word article, but a complete website from intro, to articles, to blogs, picture galleries, to contact forms, to T&Ss all on one page.
      If you have lots of content, Google won't even index it fully. Google stated over and over that there is a limit on words per page. While that limit is in the 100,000s, there is still a limit. Spreading content over different pages also makes it for Google easier to assign a niche to your site. Otherwise it's a complete pandemonium.
      Even Wikipedia has to create separate articles now and then when one topic gets too long.
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        I realize what a one page site is. I am able to get them ranked with strong content and perfect keyword saturation. I also focus on offsite SEO more to get rankings than spending too much time with onsite SEO once I have finished a site build. I put the initial onsite SEO in place, then focus on offsite almost exclusively. I have had good results doing it this way...
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    You can say a Parallax website one page website. But according to the SEO a parallax website is very hard to rank on Google because there are only one URL and a lot of keywords that have to rank on Google. So, it could be negative point of Parallax website.
    But rather than this; Parallax website attract more visitors than the other website design because it looks more elegant.
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    I was interested, but it looks like the theme is no longer available.
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