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I have started learning HTML & CSS. I have to do certain changes in my header. Which code editor is best to use?
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    This is personal preference, but I'm using Notepad++ (started 2 months ago cause it's open source). I used Komodo, but it's to slow on startup (also free).

    99% of newbies (and over 50% of experienced coders) will tell you Dreamweaver.
    I used also HTMLPad, but it's not free.
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      I use sublime text. It has an unlimited trial and some plugins that really help coding efficiency like emmet.
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    notepad++ is best. You can use it. it's free and opensource.

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    I also recommend Notepad++

    If you paste in some html code. Go to language > H and then choose HTML.

    Same apply to other languages, just choose the first letter that the code begin with.

    Good luck!
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    I use NotePad++ most of the time, but the CoffeeCup free version is also very handy, as it has a built-in preview window.
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    How is Brackets as compared to Notepad++
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    Stay away from Dreamweaver.

    For a free editor check out Notepad++.

    For a small fee check out Sublime Text 2.

    For a professional editor 100% Coda 2. It's perfect in almost every way.
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    Try Coffeecup HTML Editor
    best for someone beginning in HTML & CSS
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    Notepad ++ is the best editor there.. and it's free..
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    I am using notepad ++ because it is almost error free. Dreamweaver little confusing with design mode and code mode. Better go for notepad ++
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    Hello cbnet! Its depend on you that in which editor you can edit code easily.
    My first choice is Adobe Dreamweaver . Because Adobe Dreamweaver is user friendly . Dreamweaver have some features that help you to write your code easily.
    My second choice is Notepad++ its also good for code editing .
    My third choice is netbeans.
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    notepad++ is the best one
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    I recommend you to use Dreamweaver or Notepad++. You can instantly preview what you done by changing a tab in Dreamweaver. And if you want to see what you done you need to open your browser in notepad++. Now, it's your choice.
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    Hi Robert,

    I would suggest you use NETBEANS editor as it also supports SVN & GIT and many more..i've been using this for almost 3 years now and it's very comfortable to use with less hassle.

    - Roy

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    Have been using Sublime Text for the past few years, and haven't got anything bad to say about it. Would definitely recommend it.

    Also, take a look at Atom. It's a new open source editor from GitHub.
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    Dreamweaver generates lousy code. I stick with Notepad++


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    Notepad++ is fine.

    I prefer Sublime Text 2/3 (free)

    Dreamweaver is awful. Even though it "works", the code quality that it generates is awful. Your pages will take longer to load, they won't work great across all the browsers, etc.
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    i would say, dont use Dreamweaver right now, you're in learning phase right now, and you need to type all the codes and syntax your self to keep them in your mind, at this stage use normal notepad and get grasp on your coding skills. once you're strong with that than you can use Dreamweaver or check out for TopStyle pro (for CSS)
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    The best way to learn html & css is to NOT use any WYSYWYG editor.

    I use Aptana Studio. It's free and it works on Windows and Mac.
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    Brackets is what I use now. The latest version is SUPER! and it does not run off a browser... it's a download..
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    Adobe Edge Code (Preview) is a lightweight HTML and CSS editing tool that includes preview, quick editing, and integrated visual design features
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    Notepad++ & WAMP covers everything I need for web/dev.
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