Could You Guys Review My Site? (Please)

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Hey Guys,

I have just finished building my site and was wondering if a few of you guys would mind letting me know what you think?

By "finished building my site" I mean that I am happy to let it go live but I will still be adding a LOT more content over time!

The site is - Let's Build WordPress - Learning To Build Websites Together! - and will teach people how to build WordPress websites from scratch with no previous training.

Any and ALL feedback is welcome, even if you just want to tell me you don't like it!

Thanks a lot guys!

note to mod - I am assuming this post was removed as I posted it in the main forum and not the web design forum, I had done a search of the phrase "review my site" and returned quite a few results that had been there for a little while so I thought it was okay.....sorry!
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