How to learn HTML and CSS in short time?

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I am currently work as a php developer . I have about 4 years experience in my field. My php and other coding is good, but I am very weak in HTML and CSS. So please suggest my how can I learn HTML and CSS in short time. You know any best place of learning... I am waiting for your suggestion.
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    There's dozens of threads about this, but here's the list anyway:

    W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
    Learn to code | Codecademy Online Tutorials - more lighter, but more interactive

    or if you like YT videos - this is the channel:
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    Live Demos: Dragads | Demeter | WideSense | NewSense | AdSense Mag

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  • Profile picture of the author Game On is the best one for learning html,css and other web design related languages

    Try this one also
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  • Profile picture of the author GregBrooks you might like because you are back-end based
    You'd also probably like (my choice).

    I usually throw in Team Treehouse but they are videos so that might not be your style as back-end developer
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    I think w3schools is the best one for learning HTML. You can learn it in a week.
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    I learn HTML and CSS from w3schools only and that is enough to learn from there. You can try from there.
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    Yes w3schools will give you accurate information.
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      Also, check Udemy - They have a number of video courses.

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  • Profile picture of the author harryadam43 is best online website to learn web development. on this site, all programming tutorials defined with examples which is very easy to understand. When I face any issue in HTML coding then I visit w3school site and from there I learn how to solve it and I know one more website which are providing web design and development services, you can takes help from this.
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    Thanks all Warriors for your feedback . I start from its very easy. Youtube videos are also easy way yo learn. But I do not understand how to code-academy . so kindly tell about code-academy . I am waiting for your replies..
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    get the basics of both first and do the practice as more as possible and try to get more information from internet ad all other sites.
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    Thanks for your advice Alleyi. Can you give my any source website? From where I can see the code and then apply in my own project..Wait for your reply...
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    Thats awesome We Design. A start learn from this and I hope that I will complete HTML and CSS in very short time.
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    there are various useful and advantageous site on internet through which you can take help and get the knowledge and it also comes in good way if you do practice of html and css and it is very to understand and to implement
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      All of you guys recommending w3schools, please check out this site.

      Back to your question, If you are a coder already, you won't have any difficulties in understanding how it all works. Buy one book for HTML5 and another for CSS3 and after few days, you will know HTML and CSS. They are very simple, just bunch of rules, tags and attributes to remember (not remembering, but knowing that something exists is essential, you have online documentations for details), no "traditional" coding there. But being good at HTML/CSS comes only with the experience and practise, so good luck!

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    If you can afford it Plural Sight is buying up pretty much any training company who will sell to them right now. They have a ton of great training programs and have just added 1500 more from the purchase of yet another training company. I don't really waste time learning things unless it specifically fits a project I am doing at the time.

    HTML is a no brianer. CSS is a PITA. Good luck and feel free to ask specific questions if you don't understand something.
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    After read all of your replies I decided that will start learning HTML and CSS from . I start from yesterday yeah its to much easy and fun. Thanks of all who post his/her ideas with me.... cheers....
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  • Profile picture of the author koyal is good website for html &css
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    MASSIVE Academy launched a course called Build Your First Website in 1 Week with HTML5 and CSS3. It is designed for beginners, non-programmers, and entrepreneurs. It is a project-based course so you will build a website as you go through the lessons. The course is currently being offered for free. You can sign up for the course at
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    W3schools is a great resource. Also there is Learn Web Design, Web Development, and More | Treehouse
    Website Design Liverpool - Professional and Affordable Responsive Websites
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    I was weak in a few areas, so I built a few new sites to gain experience in things I hadn't done. Ajax, jQuery and responsive design are all very hot these days.
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    Learn through codeacademy or w3cschools.
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    Thanks all of you. Mostly people say here that is the best way to learn html and css. Therefore I started if from it. Really its easy and also have fun with this. Once again thanks of all.
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    I would say w3schoole, or else i recommend you go buy HTML for dummies, its easy to understand and actually pretty basic.

    Also my opinion on it is that if you read it in a book it sticks, i don't know about you
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