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I found a WP theme that I think would work perfect for a project I am planning. How can I find out what theme they used, so I can use the same theme? Also, if it is a custom theme, is there a way to clone it?
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    To check any wordpress theme, you can use What WordPress Theme Is That?

    You can usually find out yourself by right clicking and "view source", the code will show you what theme and which plugins are being used.

    If it is a custom theme, then you should find out who customised it and get a quote from them. Do not be tempted to clone it, that is theft.
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    If you're using chrome browser right click on the webpage and select view source. Then press Ctrl+f. And search for the term theme. Scroll through those results and see if you notice a theme name after /themes/in the page source. Google the theme name to see if its available. Other browsers are similar

    That will help you come close to finding whether its a custom theme or not.
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    Thanks all. That was very helpful
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    Renaming a Wordpress theme is really easy though, so if the theme was renamed and customised, you'll not be able to find out what was used.

    Janet is right though, you shouldn't be cloning themes, and why would you want to? Who wants a website that looks the same as someone elses?
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      Originally Posted by webfreshing View Post

      ...and why would you want to? Who wants a website that looks the same as someone elses?
      What does it matter? Really. Who's going to know? A carpenter, plumber, electrician, landscaper, welder, computer repair or lawncare company from different cities within the same state could all have the same identical template or WordPress theme and would NEVER know it. On about 80% of all WordPress theme websites I land on, I can tell if it's WP within 5 seconds just by the looks! Besides the obvious and easy edits to make on a site, the header logo, pictures/images, destination link names, content and colors, the rest is identical.

      You're not going to get duplicate website design penalties from Google or any search engine. If someone is using a template or WP theme pre-designed, then it's a given... or should be, that the content will be changed. However, this often is not the case, then the duplicate "content" issues will arise and hurt the site's natural rankings.


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    Expanding on the view the source method and specifically what ADVERTHEORY said.

    Search for style.css instead in which case you should be able to find out which theme it is right away.
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