How To Determine How a Website was created?

by Kina
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I've found a website that I really like and would like to create something similar in a completely different niche. But there is no information listed in the footer on who made the site or whether it was created using a template or WP. I have contacted the site through their contact form but have yet to hear back.

Is there any other way to find out who or how a website was created?
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    Have you checked the source code? There is often a hint on that in the source code.
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      I did look at the source code but I honestly don't know what to look for. I did see that XHTML and Javascript were used but there's nothing that I could see that identified the creator or program.
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    Can you post a link to the site here? I could take a look at it.
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    Kina, I have no idea which script it is. I think it's something custom. However, I found the company behind this website so you can contact them directly. They are called SocialKnowledge: RV-TravelTrailer | Social Knowledge
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    Here ya go... Technology Profile - might help. Looks custom made.

    BuiltWith Technology Lookup <-- awesome.
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    See in source code "author name" or "web design by" hope you get the person or company name through this.
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    See inside the code must mention a company or author name who made this website.
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    Actually, you can get a better free template available on the internet and add the PHP back end and you are done. Os templates have free responsive templates as well. Complete sites not just home pages.

    Not here.

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