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I had buy a domain and want to build a Amazon Web-store on it for a specific things...

How to build the site...means anything like this :- associate-o-matic is available that can be used to make the store in simple way.

Kindly help.

Thanks in advance
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    Try Kezz. She's here in the forum. She offers Amazon themes which are super easy to use that help you build beautiful sites.

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      It's under amazillionaire. Sorry, just wanted to give you a bit more info.
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    Take a look on these 2 nice warrior topics:
    Amazon Reviews

    I don't know for sure is associate-o-matic complies with all the amazon terms but I'll research that.
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    Search for Prosociate. It automates Amazon product import and 4 premium WP themes come alongwith it.
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    1: ProSociate $50
    2: WooCommerce (free)
    (it is required for prosociate)
    3: Themeforest has top notch designs for WooCommerce

    If you want to fail, then stick with easy & simple...
    If you wan to succed, then do what I say above
    and work on succeeding...easy & simple are keywords for fail.
    You should have a budget too...nothing is easy & free these days....

    And stay-away from anything with the term "zon" in it...I have never
    found them that good, and they appear to be outdated by 1-2 years.
    and this includes WPZonBuilder; Every time I tried to look into a theme
    for WpZonBuilder, it was out-dated by at least 2 years, and it appears
    that theme/coders stopped updating themes about that time....

    Do Not Buy Xenia Stores
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    Maybe the problem was not from the plugin (and it isn't), probably you choosed some crappy themes.
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