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I need help picking a wordpress theme for a site I am creating. The site will be based around metal music. Will a magazine type theme that is fully customizable and responsive work for this kind of site? In the future, how would I incorporate a small ecommerce shop into it if its only a blog/magazine theme? Thanks.
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    It... depends. Really, this question comes down more to preference, as you can pretty much make any type of theme 'work'. The only way to know what might look best for you is to test out possible themes and see how they fair.

    As for the ecommerce question - If you use woocommerce, you could pretty much incorporate it into many themes, so the type of theme it is shouldn't really matter too much. But you might want to check out woocommerce themes to start if any of those catches your fancy.
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    Quality info from HA-Dave.

    I've used 30-50 themes from ThemeForest and I would just add that if you are looking to implement WooCommerce it can sometimes be easier to find a theme which comes with WooCommerce support. This generally means that it comes with extra templates which ensure that WooCommerce will blend nicely into the existing style of your site and that it has been tested with the WooCommerce code. This can potentially save headaches down the road if you were to pick a theme which conflicted with it.

    List of themes that are compatible with WooCommerce
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    Here are 120 magazine themes that are especially compatible with woocommcerce (generally means that the themes have styling built in for product pages so they look "normal" whereas some of the themes that don't can look a little funky).

    Magazines / News / Blogs for WordPress
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    to save you from headache use theme that support your plugin....
    Only the best for the best from the best.....
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      Originally Posted by getbestdesign View Post

      to save you from headache use theme that support your plugin....
      Good advice, unless you know how to integrate the shopping cart your best bet would be to find a multipurpose theme that is compatible with WooCommerce.

      Most of the themes under the eCommerce category in ThemeForest has more than just the shop, look for a catalogue mode feature, this will be useful when your about to launch your products live.

      Good luck
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    Why not try Woocommerce by Wordpress. They seem to be the easiest to use.
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    yes woocommerce is best option for you if you wish to use wordpress.

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    Well you guys surely cleared all my concerns up lol. Appreciate the information! Thanks for all the links too.
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    Why a magazine theme? Is it a music new site?
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    Metal blog with other similar categories. The music itself will only be posted in the actual blog posts themselves I believe.
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    Then a magazine may not be ideal.
    A theme primarily for a single blog topic may be best.
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    Music magazines or sites then to use reverse type - black background with white lettering. I would advise against that. Reverse type is harder to read, harder to look at for a period of time, and the distance it takes to read it - you have to lean forward.

    Consider your color options for best and easy viewing to your theme as well.
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    You should give MyThemeShop themes a try too as they are cool and are SEO Optimized. I have tried few of them and am really happy with it. You can get these themes at a discounted price.

    Good Luck
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      MyThemeShop themes are actually pretty sweet and way cheaper than ThemeForest. Just ran a couple demos.
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