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I wish someone would of told me that iPage is GARBAGE for hosting lol. Why the hell is it on the top 10 hosting companies. Their servers are SLUGGISHLY slow and I don't even have any content on my site yet other than layout and logo being edited. Since I have to wait 60 for transfer..

Is it possible to --> Start building the site (wordpress) in the meantime then transfer the domain + move to another hosting company later on? Domain is registered in the same place (both iPage). Yeah I know, total newb mistake.
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    Actually I am wondering it too
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    Anyone? lol Might have to move this to the main forum.
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    Yes my friend! There shouldn't be any technical hurdles.

    Say for the next 60 days you customize your wordpress website. This results in two things; database changes and filesystem changes. You can use filezilla to download via FTP the complete website from the file system, and simply use filezilla to upload the same website via FTP to your new host. As for the database, you can use phpmyadmin to export your database. See Tutorial: Exporting MySQL tables and databases with phpMyAdmin.

    Sometimes your new web hosting company even does this for you! If you know what host you are going to move to, I could even provide you with some tailored instructions.

    As for the domain name, see How do I Transfer my Domain from iPage to Another Company?.

    Some other links:
    Can I Transfer My Site Away from iPage?

    Please note that they may be additional costs although these should be relatively small. For example, if you took out your domain/hosting as part of an offer and you wish to transfer within the first year, they will often make you pay for the entire domain.
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    WordPress › WP Clone by WP Academy « WordPress Plugins

    For cloning/moving complete Wordpress sites, there are also other paid solutions (which I am using myself)

    HTML/CSS/jQuery/ZURB Foundation/Twitter Bootstrap/Wordpress/Frontend Performance Optimizing
    Need HTML/CSS help? Skype: microcosmic - Test Your Responsive Design - InternetCookies.eu

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    just like creating a site in your local computer then transfer it to hosting company later..
    just export the db file then change the link in db file using "find and replace"
    Only the best for the best from the best.....
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    thanks guys
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