Want To Start A Business Directory......Need Help

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Hey quys,

I am not a programmer and will like to start a web based business directory for businesses in my locality and son needs help in this area

1.Where to get a free upgradable script to try out before I pay.
This scripts needs to be one that could easily be customized
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    phpld or esyndicat
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    If you will Google customizable script, you will draw a variety of options, once you browse and find which option you want, Google for that exact script name such as, if you want phpId simply Google free phpId to find what you are looking for. If you purchase a domain with GoDaddy they offer free hosting with a site builder for your domain, you may try that as well.
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    Why not use Wordpress? The host version offers great customization and even a free theme can create good results South Florida Business Network | Support Local Business Online | Find The Best Florida Companies on the Web is a new directory i'm banging out and its all wordpress.

    Star Riley ---> Support Local Movement USA<----***

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    Hi All,
    You might want to look at what we done in our sig in joomla, hey it's cool but not always easy.
    We make money with it in the end that's what counts.

    Take Care
    John & Brandon

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    If you do choose phpLD, and I hope you do, we will do our best to provide your with best service and support possible.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    I vote for PHPLD as well. David has a good product.


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    Joomla + SOBI2 - Sigsiu Online Business Index 2 and you're all set.
    No programming.

    Take care
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