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Hello everyone!

First time posting to the site (that I can recall). I have my first potential freelance client and I'm writing out my proposal to him. My question is this. He has already purchased his domain, which has no .com at the end or anything at the end of the domain, and it has a dot in between both words that make up his domain.

In our emails I asked him if the thought about getting the .com before it was taken and this was his response:

No. I will not use a

I already purchased the dot management domain in lieu of .com. It is unique to
Opusus Management Consulting, LLC.

You will not believe the amount of junk mail or bogus inquiries I am not getting as
a result of the this strategic move.

I just went to - Management Resources and Information. This website is for sale! because that's what a normal person will instinctively do when wanting to visit his site once it's up and it's a parked page. I advised him to get his domain without the dot between the name and as a .com which is available. Do you think it's good for his consulting firm to have such a domain? I just want opinions. If he's stuck on that as his domain then I won't try to change his mind.

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