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I'm currently in the process of exploring a website idea that I have in mind. There isn't any other website like it yet (though it should) and I suspect it has a lot of potential to snowball into something substantial. (excuse me for being vague)

The problem is it will be too complex to build myself, and at the moment I don't have the funds to hire a professional team to make it. (Well, unless I sell my house that is)
So the operative question being, what exactly are my options?

1) Is it for example common to engage a sponsor who will fund the whole endeavor for a large cut of the projected income once the site takes off?

2) Or is it perhaps possible to engage a webdeveloper(/team) directly and propose a deal? (ie, little or no fee, but XX% shares of the website/company)

- And if so, how would one go about on finding those business partners?
- And if not, what other options are there really?

As for myself, I'm currently working out all the wireframes for every page. The UI, the functional design, Andsoforth.
i.e: Most of the thought & number crunching for a website will be done before the actual website building will start. Which should reduce the cost of development significantly in case I do decide to hire a webdeveloping company myself.

Thank you for reading. I'm interested in hearing from others, how to best address this issue.
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    Your best option would be to try and find a developer that would accept a part of your company as a payment, if they think that your idea will be worth their time, you may search on freelance sites, for developers like that. Another option would be a crowdfunding campaign, with a non disclosure agreement so nobody can steal your idea, or maybe you can find somebody you now in your area and try to convince them that your idea is worth his/hers investment. In any cases, best of luck to you.
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      Originally Posted by pomodorium View Post

      Another option would be a crowdfunding campaign, with a non disclosure agreement so nobody can steal your idea
      Interesting. Do you have some examples of crowdfunded websites?
      And which website would you go to, to start a campaign?

      I'm going to a couple local webdeveloping companies the coming weeks. To scout the place, get a consult and estimation how much the project would cost. As far as protecting the idea; what would you recommend?
      Maybe I'm naive but I trust webdeveloping companies to automatically threat a (face-to-face) consult as non-disclosure.
      I usually bring a small voice recorder device to meetings, in case you missed something.. But just out of curiosity, would this help with legal issues in any way?
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    If it's a good enough idea and you want to give me 60% of the profit I will design and develop the website for you.

    What are you building?
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