Tips If You're Looking For a Copywriter / the Difference Between a Copywriter and an Article Writer

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If you're looking for article writers go this section of the Warrior Instead:

Warriors For Hire - Programmers, Website Designers, Graphic Artists

Please do not post them in this section. This section is intended for discussion about copywriting which is the writing of sales copy that gets people to take action (i.e. opt-in, buy, call your office, etc.). Hence the name "The Copywriting Forum"

Hope that helps,

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      Article Writing: The Staple

      Think of this as the staple food of the Internet. Something you'd just need to get by. Article writing consists of bring out well-researched, well-written and compact content on a particular niche. Attractive headlines(titles), engaging body and an untuitive or insighful conclusion usually makes for a great article. Article writing is probably closer to what your friend does for that magazine she writes for.

      Copy writing: The Hardworking, sales guy

      One of the elite forms of writing which slaps in a bit of consumer behavior, marketing principles, human behavior and psychology and is all written with just one purpose: to get your readers to do something. That 'something' could include signing-up for your website; opting-in for your newsletter; selling a product or service; give you a call; take you out for a date( yeah,this too!).

      Copywriting is all about convincing others to do what you want them to do. This is highly paid and takes considerable skill to get to. Of course, you can learn this just as you can learn anything else.
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    Lately I've seen a lot of people posting threads asking for a copywriter.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    What the problem is is no one seems to be willing to go into any detail at all.

    Here's the thing... successful copywriters already have a backlog of clients. They position themselves so that clients come to THEM - not the other way around.

    That's not to say they won't send you a quick message... but they'll only do it if you give them some basic info. If you don't provide the basics, you'll get a heap of low-talent writers who are desperate for work because (surprise surprise) they are unable to market themselves... and if they can't market themselves, most likely they won't be able to help you.

    So if you are looking for a copywriter and want to post a thread, include this info:

    *Your budget (be aware that your chances of getting a decent writer for under $1 000 are about as good as winning the lottery, and your chances of getting a decent writer under $2 000 are slim at best. You get what you pay for, after all).

    *Your niche (I can appreciate you may not want to "give away" your product on an open forum filled with marketers... but a general statement is a good start. E.g. "weight loss", "bodybuilding", "internet marketing").

    *What the project IS (sales page, squeeze page, autoresponder emails etc)

    *Your deadline that you need the copy by (even a general idea is handy)

    This will help you in several ways:

    *You'll actually get decent writers sending you messages (assuming you don't try to offer a dirt cheap price)

    *You will have less enquiries from skilled copywriters who wouldn't be able to do your project anyway

    *You'll ensure you get a writer who is passionate about your topic (important)

    If you follow these guidelines, you'll not only make this board a better place for everyone, but also help yourself out.


    Always looking for badass direct-response copywriters. PM me if we don't know each other and you're looking for work.

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      I second Matt's notion.

      Sticky this please.
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      I agree! Trying to hire a copywriter without clear expectations is just a recipe for disaster on both sides. You'll get exactly what you ask for, so if you are iffy in your details, you'll get bad writers desperate for money instead of good copywriters. We need details to make you a great sales letter. Anything less is a call to the fakes that you're easy picking to be suckered. Don't waste your money on that!

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