Any experiance with Amazon Selling Machine by Matt Clark?

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I am considering trying Amazon Selling Machine by Matt Clark. It looks very good from everything I have been able to find online but is quite pricey around $1000. I have seen an older post on it but nothing new.

Has anyone out there tried this? Have you made money? Does it deliver as promised?

I have 2 affiliate websites for over a year now and have poured a lot of time and money in and have had dismal sales success and want to try something new.

If anyone has tried Amazon Selling Machine I would love to know your thoughts on this, thanks
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    I always wonder if these guys are making so much money doing this why would they want to let others in on it? And when do they have the time to put this together? Maybe its just a way to make a quick buck? And if they are making multi thousands a month, why dont they just price it at 50 bucks and let everyone in on it?

    btw, I have Jim Cockrums proven amazon course also. My first suggestion is to search youtube. There are lots of good videos on selling on amazon and sourcing products.
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    I purchased and refunded. It is about selling ecommerce through amazon. When I purchased he broke the payments up but I wasn't impressed with what he offered for the price. No problem getting a refund from him.
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    I'm sort of curious about this. I didn't think it has been sold yet as it so not sure if people are mixing it up with their last product ? I believe this new product Amazon Selling Machine is the final version/revamped methods to what they did in their product last year that was called Amazon Money Machines(which they call their beta product).

    Only reason I looked at it was because a IM person I respect whose list I am and NEVER recommends anything is endorsing it and they are big time ecommerce players.
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    Yeah there has been a lot of confusion about it including my own, the official name is "Amazing Selling Machine" and I don't believe it it available yet other than beta testers
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    Just did a little research and found this: ASM is going for $3,497 and the official launch date is tuesday, march 12th, 2013 and cart closes at midnight March 18th...(Just google and you´ll see this everywhere)..
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    The key behind this program is finding the right product which you can brand that will produce good margins. Then secondary is just writing good sales copy and properly promoting the product to rank high.

    Obviously the hard part which will require multiple attempts at losing money to find the perfect product, if you ever do find it.

    But if you do find a great product where you can brand it and then get it ranked high, of course you can make that kind of money. Just good luck finding this product. If it wasn't about that, then they would freely tell you which products they use.
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    The hardest part is going to be finding the right products that have lots of buyers and low competition.
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    I may be being naive but their seller central accounts really look like they are doing well? If you buy 1000 dog nail trimmers is the price cheap enough to make 50%? They must be doing something right if the numbers are true!
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    This thread is a perfect example of why I love the WF. Lots of good information, including the potential price range. Thanks to those you who expressed their opinion and their insight about Amazon selling. I have watched the first three videos and read their PDFs and I feel like I have learned a lot and now I have learned more from this thread.
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    Crikey!!! For $3500
    I could take Amazon's Vice President, Marketing Manager and their buddies
    out for a round of golf, cocktails and a steak dinner and probably end up with some
    quality, current, "useable" information on how to build a successful business on Amazon.

    $3500.... get real.
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    Wow! I'm shocked with the $3500 price tag. I really wanted to do this but I'm priced out. Plus I'm getting hit with a 34% cut in take home pay in about 3 weeks because of the sequestration budget battle by the clowns in Washington. With a family of 5 and a price tag of $3500 there's no way.

    Earlier in this thread Jim Cockrum's Proven Amazon Course (PAC). Price - $347.00 one time payment. was mentioned and I looked into it a little. Can anyone out there recommend if this is a good one or not or has tried it? Thanks.

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