Maximum # of affiliate links per page (for Adwords)

by b100
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Hey there. I've been trying to find this information that I read on this forum but I can't seem to find it anymore. Does anyone know what the maximum # of affiliate links per page is if you are advertising on Adwords?

I currently only have 2. A button above the fold, and a regular link within a list (under the fold). I was thinking of adding another button at the bottom, but I want to be sure it's ok with Adwords. Really trying to not break any rules.

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    There is no limit, but you just need to make sure that, your site looks valuable and not like a bridge page. Your page should contain pages like contact us, privacy policy, tos, and other pages.

    As long as you are not trying to promote a single bridge page, you are good to go.
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    As nocturnal911 said, there's no limit. But make sure your page does not look like a squeeze page.
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    Hmmmm. It's a wordpress website. It basically looks like a sales pitch, and at the very bottom I have helpful/original articles. I'm not sure what they consider a bridge/squeeze page. Maybe I'll add more links to the top but have a lot more helpful information at the bottom. I might just need a new layout all together.
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    You need to add more pages such as About Us, Why Us, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
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