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I recently started a banner ad campaign on BlogAds.

Can you guys share which other Ad networks you use for banner advertising?
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    Im guessing you bought ZFM?

    BlogAds is cheap but im sure only 125 x 125 is available and you must remember that people surfing blogs are very information specific. As opposed to surfing for the hell of surfing. Stay away from Adbrite, although i have had successful campaigns with them, alot of their traffic is suspect and traffic volume predictions often, are incorrect.

    PM me for a list of other Ad networks.
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    You can also place your own banner ad for your relevant blog and instead of getting cpm/cpc you'll get cps.
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    I think creating a mega site and posting your own ads accross your own website or free blog, would be better in the long run. That is if you have a ranked site, with subcategories ranked also. I have a Highly Ranked Rock, Blues Guitar Site for 4 years now. And many pages are ranked on google. Being independant of other makes my business safer. You don;t have to worry about ads being pulled off, and there's no overhead costs. But you do have a lot of work building a monster site. But in the long run it pays better.
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    I have used Adbrite with a great succes. To make a good campaign you have to make a good description for your site. In this way publishers will be tempted to show your banners on their sites.
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