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Guys, How much money I need to invest to get good results in CPA?

Than you
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    Mostly, you have to invest time.

    To give you an idea, let's say you opt for a simple model, just whilst you learn, and you promote free gaming offers with a blog. We call these PPL offers. You get paid per lead. You refer someone through your affiliate link and if they fill out the form and register for free, you earn an affiliate commission. Typical gaming offers pay around $2.50 for the better offers. What you do, then, is put together a blog, update it with sharable content that you monetize with gaming PPL offers, and you syndicate that content in order to bring in traffic. If you use decent CTAs (calls to action) on your blog and your content, you should expect to send no less than 10% of your traffic (on this type of blog) to your affiliate network. Now, depending on how well you presold them, depending on your source of traffic, and depending on too many other factors to mention in brief, you should expect to be earning an average of around 20 cents per visitor you send to that network; in other words an EPC (earnings per click) of 20 cents.

    On an average day, then:
    • 100 website visits --> 10 Hops --> $2
    • 1,000 website visits --> 100 Hops --> $20
    • 10,000 Website visits --> 1,000 Hops --> $200
    All of which sounds very simple, but it isn't.
    • How do you design a blog that converts?
    • How do you produce content that converts?
    • How to you syndicate content?
    • How do you conduct on-site and off-site SEO?
    • How do you seed content?
    • How to you infuse content with viral potential?
    • How do you generate a viral response?
    • How do you grow social traffic platforms?
    • How to you integrate, grow, and run a newsletter?
    • And I could add around 10,000 or more other Hows.
    The answers, however, are all available. I figured them out and I found them. For this type of model and many others over the past 21 years.

    What I suggest, if you're very new to IM, is keep it very simple.
    1. Decide on a niche associated with PPL offers.
    2. Select a short domain that describes what you do. (10 bucks)
    3. Get virtual hosting (few bucks a month)
    4. Buy a premium WP theme (about 65 bucks)
    5. Subscribe to aWeber (free the first month)
    6. Write blog posts that your audience will want to read and share.
    7. Grow your socials.
    8. Write every day.
    9. Syndicate that media every day.
    You can get started for less than $100, and PPL offers pay anywhere from $1 to, in my own experience, $12.50.

    I am, I'll admit, giving you the bare bones of it here. There is simply too much to mention in a single forum reply. Consider the above, though. I suggest the PPL because they're easy to convert and, starting out in IM, you need to start earning fast. It's good for motivation.

    - Tom

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    Originally Posted by ABMADI View Post

    Guys, How much money I need to invest to get good results in CPA?

    Than you
    No one can give you a precise answer to this question because there are too many factors to consider.

    What it comes down to is that you will need to do your own tests and figure out you ROI (Return Of Investment).

    Once you have tested and tracked your results from your campaigns, you will need to keep the one's that are profitable and stop the ones that are losing you money.

    Once you have done this you will be able to figure out your ROI for the traffic source you are using and an advertising budget will no longer be an issue.

    You simply amp up the campaigns that are making you a profit and you will not need to worry about how much you spend on advertising because you will know you will come out with a profit every time. (until things change to cause your ROI to change)
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    Originally Posted by ABMADI View Post

    Guys, How much money I need to invest to get good results in CPA?

    Than you
    What traffic sources are you interested in working with?
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          Originally Posted by Mikedpl View Post

          For Facebook Ads, I will advice you try dating niche. Dating SOI can be good to start with.
          This is terrible advice. Dating ads are only allowed on Facebook with pre-approval for owners of dating websites. Advertising a CPA dating offer on facebook is a good way to get banned.
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