7search Keyword Tool Taking Me In Circles.. Happen to Anyone..??

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Hi All,

Been awhile since I used my 7search account. Thought I might give a try again...

So after I got my login info updated and everything, went to the keyword suggestion tool and tried to get some results and what happened was after searching a word and looking at the list of results, which had to the right the corresponding bids and amounts, and then when clicked on the actual term to see the search results a internet searcher would see I got redirected back to the advertiser login page..

Contacted support and they said they updated their system and everything was different and that I needed to clear out my cache and cookies, which I did.

I cleared all my cache in Chrome and all the 7search cookies, but nothing changed. Still got taken back to the advertiser login page when I clicked on a serach term..

Wonder if this type of things happened to anyone else..?

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