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Dear All,

Does anyone know of CPA offers that start with CPC (cost per click)? So in other words, I'm looking for affiliate offers that pay for even the lead itself, that I can earn money with even by just bringing someone to that link. If it pays for any action completed by my referral, that's even better, but primarily I'm looking for CPC offers, no matter if it's followed by CPA commissions. I'm looking for such offers in any niche, but primarily in the "make money online" niche.

So, the thing with me is, that I don't have a website, but I have huge email list of people interested in online moneymaking. I thought, I would send them emails with a catchy title and a link in them, that they would click on, and just for that, I'd be paid. I don't believe, they will do any action on that site, that's too much to expect, but I can achieve that they click on the link in my emails. If I can get paid for them completing any action (so if the CPC is followed by CPA), that's even better, but primarily I'm looking for only CPC offers. Basically, I'm looking for something like adsense, but in email.

So if you know any CPC offers, it would be a huge help if you could recommend me some.

Thank you, really,
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    Try mobyaffiliates, but you will get a better response if you posted in the correct part of the forum.
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    Quite sure Revenueads network has CPC offers, but it will be not that easy to get approval for running such campaigns, as these offers only allow email traffic.
    bodHOST.com: Ph. 866-662-0909 |
    Live Chat | Email - sales @ bodHOST.com
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    Plenty of these offers exist, both publicly and privately. But word of warning... CPC offers are not a free lunch. If the traffic you are sending is not converting for the advertiser, they will cull your traffic and either refuse to pay you for all of it or a good proportion of it.
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    Try QuinStreet/SureHits
    US traffic, up to 10$ per 1click(for some state)
    All you need to know about Insurance
    InsureZero Blog
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    Don't use Quinstreet. They ripped me off on my payment. They accepted my traffic for 2 months without saying anything about not paying me. When time came to pay me the $10k they owed, it never happen.
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