Lookalike Audiences restricted for certain advertisers

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Hey Warriors!

If any of you guys are currently advertising in the US housing, employment or credit industry, you're going to want to read up on this.

On August 26th, Facebook announced that advertisers in that space will now have to use the new "Special Ad Category" options in Ads Manager when creating ads for the industries mentioned above.

What does that mean for you?

All of the ads done through the Special Ad Category will not allow audience targeting by age, gender, zip code, multicultural affinity or any details related to protected characteristics.

One of the biggest changes with this update will be Lookalike Audiences. Advertisers in the Special Ad Category will no longer have access to Lookalike Audiences and will now have to use the "Special Ad Audience" which is according to Facebook:

"An audience based on similarities in online behavior without considering things like age, gender or ZIP code."
These changes were an effort made to limit discrimination and Facebook has worked with multiple organizations like National Fair Housing Alliance, American Civil Liberties Union and the Communication Workers of America to work on these changes.

If you haven't made these change yet, you should get on it quick as your ads could be at risk of being flagged and taken down.

You can read the official statement from Facebook here:
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  • Hey WF Will,
    Thank you for sharing this news and the link with us. I read the whole article, and I think this step of facebook is commendable.
    This change will definitely limit discrimination on facebook.
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    I think what facebook is doing is that it is trying to downsize the targeted audience. This way, the ad is likely to get to the person who needs it as opposed to Tom Dick and Harry.
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