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    Both can be great,just pick one and go with it, For a targeted campaign I would use one keyword in the whole ad group. Yahoo will bold the keyword that you have in the campaign, and if everything is relevant you will be rewarded with a high click through rate and high conversions.

    RELEVANCY is key! most PPC networks want you to be be as relevant as possible and you will be rewarded. I just made a conversion about 30 minutes ago just using this simple yet highly effective way of using PPC.

    It also helps if the keyword your targeting is on the landing page, I see many marketers dump a ton of keywords in an adgroup and wonder why they loose their shirt. Build your campaign slow and once one keyword is working and you track that keyword you move on to a few more and scale up from there, one at a time.

    You can start with a lot of keywords in your campaign, but unless you have a good amount of money to begin with it may be a while before you see results without spending a good amount.

    I also recommend using 2 keyword combinations or more for higher conversions for example

    if your promoting basketball gear use:

    Instead of: basketball

    use: basketball shoes(2 keywords or more)

    If your not getting that much volume you can always keep adding more words until you reach the desired volume/income.

    Another thing, don't be afraid to go after an expensive keyword that may cost more but may convert better. You can always ask for a payout increase or increase the conversion rate by being more... you guessed it Relevant.
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    Yahoo content search is an absolute joke. Don't waste your time with it and focus on search.

    "I don't have a dream, I have a plan".

    Spike Lee

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