Huge List of Ad Networks & Traffic Sources !

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Are you tired of your ads getting dis-approved on Facebook ? or the high CPC costs and Quality Score of Google Adwords? Go beyond Fb and Adwords .There are lot more traffic sources out there.Discover some hidden gems for your profitable campaigns.

I have compiled and listed here, a huge list of ad networks and traffic sources which are worth trying.

7Search | Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Advertising Network - 2nd tier PPC/Cheap search ads - Celebrity Endorsements in Social Media - sponsored/celeb Tweets,Twitter Advertising
Adblade - Online Advertising and Monetization Services - self serve display ads, good traffic
adBrite Exchange - display/contextual ads provides the tools to help search marketers keep growing - media buying ad exchange
AdClickMedia Advertising Network - Pay Per Click Advertising, online text advertising, banner advertising, and Interstitial advertising. - self serve banners and contextual widgets
AdEngage - Engaging Internet Advertising - banners/text, similar to adbrite, allow weekly buys | The leading long tail marketplace - social media ads,cheap ads,High Volume (aquired cubics & bidplaceSB) - part of -text ads on high traffic US sites like,cnn,cnbc,Huffington post,etc
AdSide: Beyond Standard Ads - self serve ppc, contextual, inline text ads
Retargeting and Display Advertising | AdRoll- retargeting -ppc - display solutions on AOL inventory - display/banners, media buys
Advertising | Hop on and go! - cheaper search and contextual
The Microsoft Media Network - microsoft banner display/media buys
Why Buy Blog Advertising? | Blogads - ads on high traffic blogs
BidVertiser - Pay Per Click Advertising On Sites Of Your Choice. - contextual and banner ads
Online Advertising Marketplace | - self serve banners on a range of design blogs
Casale Media - Home - self serve banners
Chitika - Online Advertising Network | Search Targeted Ads, Mobile Ads & Local Ads for websites, blogs, apps & mobile - search related contextual display ads
Online Contextual Advertising and Behavioral Marketing Services - contextual/banners
Clickbooth CPC Network for Advertisers or Affiliates - (Formerly Adtoll)-display/text ads (formerly Adsdaq) -contextual ads/media buying exchange
CPMStar - The Online Network Devoted To Gamers - banners display targetted at gaming sites only
Welcome to CPX - banners/display, media buys - ppv type ads on parked url's - cheap clicks
Advertising | Facebook - self serve ads on facebook | Search, Shop and Compare - cheap text ads - You know about this anyway !
Marchex Pay-Per-Click Site-Specific - Contextual Pay Per Click Solutions for Advertisers and Publishers (Formerly Marchex/Adhere)-Cheap PPC Advertsing
Contextual In-Text Advertising and Related Information Solutions by Kontera - inline contextual text ads
World's Largest Professional Network | LinkedIn - Ads on Linkedin pages
Media Traffic - CPV PPV Contextual Advertising - ppv ads
Connect with targeted users on Adknowledge Miva | - cheap search ads - self serve banners on myspace & a host of Fox network sites
AOL Advertising - aol banner ad/media buy network
Free Online Dating at™ - Social media self serve ads (CPM)
Dashboard Ad - premium banner ad networ
PubMatic - ad network
Pulse 360 - The Leader in Content Targeted Sponsored Links on the Web's Best Sites - ads on good high traffic inventory - social media display ads
Connect with targeted users on Adknowledge Miva | - search/contextual on parked pages. ****.
Twitter Advertising : Sponsored Tweets - sponsored twitter posts Discover the Best of the Web - Social media ads
Technorati Media | social media at scale - banners - good ppv ad network
TRAFFIQ ? Digital Media. Smarter. - self serve banners, media buys - failbook app ads, display
Tribal Fusion - media buy banner network
Undertone | The Singular Choice for Quality Display and Video Advertising - premium banners/display/media buys
Hosted Audio/Video Chat Software by Userplane - social media advertising for media buyers
ValueClick Media | The Pure Performance Network - banners, display/media buys - banners/text ads on high traffic blog network
Select Country - Adconion Media Group - video/banner ads, media buys
Adperium Direct Ads - display banners, self serve, similar to adbrite
AdReady | Create an ad targeted to your customers - display ads/self serve banners on yahoo sites
Retargeting and Display Advertising | AdRoll - self serve banners
AdSide: Beyond Standard Ads - self serve ppc contextual inline text ads - self serve banners, owned by AOL
BURST MEDIA - banners/display/media buys
Canoe Klix - text ads on the network
Home | Collective | The Audience Engine - media buys, banners/display
DSNR Media Group - Result Based Online and Mobile Advertising - display, media buys, unknown quantity/quality
Etology - Advertising 2.0 - banners/text ads, cheap
Targeted internet marketing - online advertising - online analytics - interclick - banners, high volume media buys
Self Service Advertising and Direct Sales Tool For Publishers | isocket - closed beta, but will be banner/display ads
AOL Advertising - retargeted ads at search traffic
MediaWhiz | Home - banners/display, media buys
Réseau Sélect - Accueil - banner and offline targetted at quebec
Right Media - self serve banner exchange
Home - Specific Media - banners/video display, media buys
Index of / - self serve text/widget ads
Matomy Media - banner/display media buys
DSNR Media Group - Result Based Online and Mobile Advertising - display banners, media buys, large inventory - search and content text/contextual ads - search/content contextual ads

Additions to original traffic source list :
Advertise on Digg | Digg About - sponsored ads on
Adfunky - Display/rich media, some high traffic inventory
AditAll- Create & Run Video Ads Online - produce and run video ad campaigns
AdJuggler - Ad Serving & Management - display/media buys
Affiliate Ad Solutions | Publisher Ad Solutions | AdMedia - self serve inline contextual text ads like kontera, also display ads
Pay Per Click Advertising | Pop Under Ads | AdOn Network - banners, contextual, search - self serve (pop under)
Adoori - Reinvent Your Advertising. - ppv popups - self serve
Online Advertising Company : PPC : Email Traffic : Remarketing : Display Advertising : Online Ads : Pay Per Click Advertising : - self serve text, search and display ads
Affinity Contextual Advertising - Advertiser & Publisher Solutions - search, parked pages, text ads - good 2nd tier inventory - media buys on high traffic inventory (25k pre-pay)
Ero-Advertising: Home - Web & mobile display/banners on adult inventory
FetchBack - The Retargeting Company - Retarget the ones who didn't sign up first time
Welcome to Hola Networks - media buys targeting hispanic demo only in USA
inLinks - In Content Link Market Place - inline contextual ads, like Kontera
Intermarkets, Inc. - display/banners - media buys
Social Media Marketing | IZEA - self serve sponsored tweets/blog posts
LeadImpact - formerly zango - pops/CPV ads
LinkWorth | Search Engine Marketing - Text Link Advertising - self serve contextual/inline text ads and good SEO services
LookSmart > Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising - self serve search/contextual text ads - small direct banner buys
RevTwt - Twitter Advertising - - advertising on twitter - self serve banners/display/popunders - global
Targeted Advertising - Accelerator Media - UK banners/media buys
Global Home | The AD2ONE Group - media buys on premium UK, Irish & Aus. sites + Ebay
ADBORSA - Display ads for largely Turkish demography
Select Country - Adconion Media Group - display/media buys, good for Europe
Admanage affiliate and advertising network - PPC, CPC Banner, In Text, Display Ads, CPV, Domain Parking - Contextual, inline & display, pops, parking
AdOptim, monetize your audience - in-video, text and banner ads - European banner display + Affiliate network » Welcome to a different kind of ad network. - Media buys/display, high volume
Adverline, Publicité en ligne - Media buys, good quality French/Euro inventory
Online Advertising - AdvertiseSpace - Direct display buys on low inventory
Targeted Adult Traffic, Buy and Sell Adult Traffic - AdXpansion - Display/banners on adult inventory
Aim4Media - Leads the Way - Display media buys mainly European traffic - self serve text ads
The adexchange experts: uncomplicating the complicated - media buys/banners, good european reach
Black Label Ads - The Internet's Adult Ad Marketplace - Text & banners on adult inventory - adult version of adbrite
BrightRoll | The Leading Provider of Online Video Advertising Services - media buys, banners/video
Advertise Online with CBS Interactive - media buys on very high traffic CBS sites
Criteo - Retargeting - Owned by Fox, media buys, US Hispanic traffic
Pay Per View PPV Cost Per View CPV Contextual Online Advertising Network - cpv, self serve popups
Ero-Advertising: Home - Web & mobile display/banners on adult inventory - Innovative PPC platform - Text/display on various inventory. Similar model to adbrite - Media buys for Brazilian inventory
Glam Media . The Pioneer of Vertical Media - media buys, display, very good inventory for female
Global Interactive - Your site representation company with a wider reach! - Smaller scale banner/pop media buys - Media buys, South American/Hispanic traffic
Hi-media , Groupe Media On-line - display/media buys, mainly European traffic
Marchex Pay-Per-Click Site-Specific - Contextual Pay Per Click Solutions for Advertisers and Publishers - now called adHere - text ads on mainly tech sites
Targeted internet marketing - online advertising - online analytics - interclick - media buys, display, high volume - interstitial ad network
Welcome to Intergi | Digital Site Rep Agency for Video Games and Entertainment - banners and static/video in-game adverts - Adult Advertising, Adult Traffic - Buy and Sell- Buy Ads and Sell Ads - Get Juicy! - Display on adult inventory, flat rate buys per week/month
LinkWorth | Search Engine Marketing - Text Link Advertising - Banners, inline, contextual, plenty of cheap inventory
Megaclick: Internet Advertising 2.0 - banners on 2 high traffic file share sites
Mirago - Home - UK/French/German contextual/search ads
The Largest Network of Online Games – Mochi Media :: Fueling Creativity - self serve in-game ads, 300--250 only
HomePage - Retarget the ones who didn't sign up first time
Blue Noodle - the leading ad platform for casual games - static/video in game adverts
Pamoja Media | Digital Marketing Agency - Adify powered, banners for African traffic
RealTechNetwork - Your Revenue Synchronized - Variety of formats, self serve platform advertise - self serve direct ads on
Reduxmedia - Display, media buys, some good blog inventory
ReTargeter - Retarget the ones who didn't sign up first time
Welcome - Rubicon Project - media buys, nice interface/inventory
Salem Web Network, Christian Online Advertising - Display ads on Christian website network
SHE NETWORK; ett vertikalt annonsnätverk för annonsörer som vill nå kvinnor i sin Internet annonsering. - Adify powered, target Swedish women
Smowtion - display banners, most South American inventory Delivering Contextual Content And Advertising - text/inline type ads
Home - Specific Media - Media buys/display on UK/Euro premium inventory
Advertisers - Tatto Media Advertising Made Simple - banners/display/media buys
Traffic Junky - Buy & Sell Targeted Website Traffic & Advertising - self serve display/banners, good volume inventory
Epic Marketplace - display/email ads, media buys
What is AdRands? - banners, South African traffic
Tremor Video, Inc. - media buys, good range of new formats
Unanimis - display/video media buys, UK traffic
Utarget.FOX : 21st Century Video - UK display/rich media/video, owned by Fox
Vibrant - The Leaders of Contextual and In-Text Advertising - inline contextual/rich ads, media buys
Advertising Execution : - Real-time media buying and online media planning tools - Display/retargeting/facebook ad exchange
Interstitial Ads - Full Page Ads - Online Marketing Services - Interstitial full page ads
YuMe Video Ad Network & Platform - in-video ads, media buys
ZEDO Advertising Technology Partner - display/media buys
GlobalTakeOff - display/media buys
GFY Webmaster Board
Traffic Holder Auto System / Buy & Sell Adult Traffic - Innovative PPC platform
Traffic Junky - Buy & Sell Targeted Website Traffic & Advertising
Ero-Advertising: Home - Adult Advertising, Adult Traffic - Buy and Sell- Buy Ads and Sell Ads - Get Juicy!
Targeted Adult Traffic, Buy and Sell Adult Traffic - AdXpansion
Crakmedia Network
Traffic Shop - Buy Traffic / Sell Traffic / Make Money!
Etology - Advertising 2.0
Traffic Force Ad Broker - High Quality Pay Per Click Adult Advertising.
TrafficMack - Your Internet Advertising Solution
Wildline! The Best Adult Traffic, Period. Premium adult traffic experts.
Chokertraffic: Buy quality adult traffic at discount prices
GTSAds | The Source for Adult Traffic
Adult AdWorld : Adult Advertising Network

*** Mobile Ad Networks ***
Mobile Advertising, App Advertising and Analytics, Mobile Ad Exchange, Mobclix
InMobi | Global Mobile Ad Network
AdMob | Promote Apps | Monetize Traffic | Measure Performance
Jumptap | The Leader In Targeted Mobile Advertising
Mobile Advertising with Mojiva's Mobile Ad Network
ZestADZ - Mobile Ad Marketplace | Mobile Ads Network | Mobile Advertising and Publishing Platform
BuzzCity - Mobile Internet Advertising
HUNT Mobile Ads
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