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'm still new to the SEO world and there is a question I can't seem to find answer for, I know that Adsense is considered "The Best" CPA network but I don't understand what makes one CPA network better than the other?

- is it hard to get acceped to some cpa networks?

- do some cpa networks don't pay?

- what cpa network would you recommend to me besides adsense? (as a beginner)

- are there any other ways to monetize traffic besides affiliates and cpa networks?

- are banners used the same way as pop ups ? (meaning they are also depend on getting clicked on)

Can anyone please give me a quick run down on what are general ways of monetizing traffic?

Any help will be highly appreciated!
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    Hi mate,
    I don't think Adsense is a CPA network,but google do have a cpa network named "google affiliate network",correct me if I'm wrong.And in my opinion what makes the cpa network better than others is the support.There're many scam networks out there and they will never pay you money.So if you want to join a network you should check the reviews to the network at can promoting cpa offers,display ppc ads and do email marketing by using your traffic. hope this helps.
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    Adsense is not a CPA network.AdSense is an ad serving application run by Google.To know more about CPA better search and Read some of the best threads here...
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    Unless you're dead set on CPA revenue the easiest way - because it's the most straightforward - would be to create a content website and monetize it with AdSense. A lot of beginners start with that before, sometimes, moving to another revenue model.
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