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Hi guys,

I want to use this wonderful tool for monitoring my PPC campain on CPA. I'm looking for a hosting that support Prosper202. I saw on the official website that they recommend using a VPS.

But as for now I only wanna drive very little traffic I'm looking for something cheaper. I heard that Bluehost is ok and I was wondering if some of you guys have been trying it.

Thank you
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    I am using bluehost a few years now and I am very satisfied. The Prosper202 is working with bluehost, just make sure you are using top-level domain or sub-domain to install and access to your Prosper202 account.
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      I'm using Hostgator and they have very good support.
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    I have no experience with BlueHost, but I have used HostGator for prosper202 in the past and have had good experience.
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    If you want shared hosting for Prosper that supports it and will even help you set it up, go with BlueLayer Media.

    After shared, then go with LiquidWeb, Storm On Demand, Beyond Hosting.
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      If your campaigns are small then go for a shared hosting option such as Hostgator, Blue or Fatcow. However if you are getting serious traffic quickly you will find shared hosting is useless. Shared means you share resources and if someone else brings down the server you go down with it which means you could be sending traffic to a 'page cannot be displayed' error. Alternatively you could cause the server to slow down causing agro technicians who won't blink and eye blocking you. I recommend a VPS or Dedicated Server from MochaHost, Hostgator or HeartInternet.
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    Erm don't go with FatCow. It's owned by EIG and their servers are the most oversold in the world. 6000ms response time on Pingdom. ><
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    BeyondHosting, without a doubt
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    I use HawkHost and had no probs with it. Use it

    If a man can conceive , believe he will therefore achieve

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    I just searched all day for the best vps or host for prosper202....and my final decision was to use a regular shared hawkhost plan like winnerman above. We'll see how it goes. Their reviews all over google are awesome
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    Here is my experience with Blue Layer Hosting and it's not good!

    I am a member of Six Months From Today run by Chad Hamzeh ( ChadH on Warrior) and Will PPC Coach.

    I had my sites hosted with Hostgator ( the no# for shared hosting) but they don't support or at least make it difficult to install Prosper 202. So as I needed tracking for my new campaigns Chad recommended Blue Layer (shared hosting only) and yes they did
    install Prosper 202 without any problems.

    Now my sites got hacked with Malware and I asked Blue Layer support what I could do.
    They said they would clean the sites up for $40, so i agreed and paid, they wouldn't start until I paid them, well they informed me that the sites were now clean but when I went to try them they were all still showing the malware warning.

    Now I went back to Blue Layer support and asked what's happened, they just said they had cleaned them, they wanted another $40 to do it again, but if they didn't do it first time what was the guarantee that they would do it this time.???

    I suspect the support actually own BlueLayer because the way they speak to you would suggest they don't give a ###k about customer relations,

    So I was advised that I needed to find a new hosting company, well he actually said "sounds like you need a new hosting company and SOON"

    I pointed my domain names back to Hostgator to try and salvage the sites but no files
    went with them. Blue Layer must have deleted them, 1 of them cost me $140...

    I see from the answers here that Chad id still recommending them, altho I did post my experience on six months from today, so i guess my bad experience was not enough to put him off.

    So my friend you take your choice, but if you choose Blue Layer I hope you don't ever need their support.
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    I only recommend liquid web for hosting tracking.

    You can use hostgator for very small sites though when starting out.

    But don't skimp on tracking!

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    Hello Hostgator is the best.
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    I've been using Bluehost with prosper202 for 2 years now and i'm satisfied also!

    If you do POF ads, you need solid campaign tracking and managing. Contact me for more info!

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    I personally prefer WiredTree VPS (look for specials on WHT) for all my hosting needs, but I also heard some friends rave about Beyond Hosting (they run a special over at the AffPlayBook).
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      Can anyone help me getting Prosper202 up and running?

      I was following this tutorial, and everything was going dandy til I tried to open the url

      I made a "prosper" folder on my root directory, so, public_html/prosper

      I went to


      I then moved the files to another domain folder.

      Also, nothing.

      In the video example, he types in,

      I tried this, also nothing...

      So... what am I doing wrong here?
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        I am pretty sure you have to make prosper the actual domain or subdomain

        in my case I created a subdomain pointed at public_html/tracking

        so in your case, prosper is still a subdirectory which is a no no... but subdomains are ok.
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          I have been tried 4 times instal prosper202 on HostGator... it works but it has bug... so anyone with experience can help me.
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    The best thing you can do is buy a VPS and install whatever you want. VPS gives you complete control over what you wanna install or what you don't
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    Go for a VPS that uses KVM, Xen, or VMware with local storage. This will greatly improve your MySQL performance. Off the top of my head this includes 6sync and Dreamhost, but I wouldn't use Dreamhost because their Apache+PHP config is not really optimised for performance.

    Not sure but I think ServInt meets this requirement too. is not an option because they use a SAN, plus their uptime is less than ideal.

    If you're on a budget, check out
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