Email submits NOT easy to convert

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I always read that email submit offers are the easiest to complete for customers and that they convert well because users only have to enter their email address/zip code.

I recently tried a few of those email submit offers myself as a user, to see how user friendly and easy they really are.

Result- I'm kinda shocked how much the user actually has to do to complete the offer. First, the email address. Then he enters his whole address, birth date etc. Then he usually has to complete a number of surveys/questions or in a few he even has to download something (e.g. an online game) to continue. The final thank you page comes in the very end, after tons of pages before. Me as a user would have closed the page. And all this for a payout of 1$-1,60$.

What do you guys think about that? Do you agree or do you have good experiences with email submits? Are they all like that?

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    Typically for you to get paid on a traditional email submit, once the user submits their email address, then you get paid. The rest of the field is more or less the merchant trying to collect as much information as possible. This again does not take into consideration of scrubbing, shaving, etc.
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      Thanks, I didn't know that- I thought the user has at least to enter his address etc.

      I know there is a lot of scrubbing but I'm wondering on what does the company base the decision to scrub a lead or not? If it's just an email address how do they wanna know if it's crap traffic or not?
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    Yes, generally you will get paid after the first page of name and email.

    But email offers are notorious for getting scrubbed, and having leads denied.

    So I wouldn't say they are easier to convert.

    "What are the easiest?" is really a general / opinionated question, but I would say dating offers are definitely up there.
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    Fact: email submit advertisers scrub leads by 50-90% depending on the lead quality. I have seen it first hand and it's the truth!
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      Don't be afraid to promote an email submit with a low payout. Generally they are going to get scrubbed less than offers with higher payouts.
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        Please keep in mind that there's really no such thing anymore as an email submit. They're all path offers now so if users don't go through the path and opt in for an offer or two, the offer isn't going to convert. It's certainly not like it used to be.
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      Originally Posted by bizoppmaster View Post

      Fact: email submit advertisers scrub leads by 50-90% depending on the lead quality. I have seen it first hand and it's the truth!
      Yep I agree with bizoppmaster. I have had very low success with email zip submits. I still wonder how to convert them well and scale them up at a bigger scale. I would like to know who is having success with email/zip and what angle are they using
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    One tip I would offer when doing email submit offers to make sure you are not getting a lot of bad clicks and your leads are not as scrubbed is to look at the ad you are using. You will have a much better conversion rate if your ad for a free Ipod says "Must submit email" or something along the lines of participation. That keeps the people who are just interested in clicking it to look and see from clicking generally. The people you are working with will appreciate it if most of your leads clicking the ads are interested in actually participating after the first email submit. Just an idea.

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      Yea as I said, I'm wondering anyway how the network decides to scrub a lead or not if all they got is an email address and not more info.

      I've been trying to market email submits on YouTube for quite a while now, I got some conversions, but maybe one conversion every 2 or 3 days, it really sucks.
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