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by ajal
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i want to apply to cpa network and i will be glad if anyone could please tell me the website content that is required by cpa networks to get accepted. i have been thinking of developing a free download site to show the cpa networks and i dont know if they will accept this site. if they will not please tell me the website content they will accept. thanks
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    Do a simple affiliate marketing blog with upto about 6-10 posts. CPA networks likes affiliate marketing alot as that is the knowledge they required from affiliates.

    hope this helps...

    I just want to be rich and famous....!!!

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    Great advice also...if you do a blog, make sure it is on the same subject
    as the products you will be marketing.

    The download site you're thinking about creating to show the cpa
    networks would be more a referral site.

    I must tell you that they are looking more specifically for sites that will fit
    what their advertisers are selling to make sure you are a good match.

    So keep that in mind.
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    I was rejected several times because they were "not satisfy" with my website. Then I started calling them and telling them what they love to hear: "how I was going to drive truckloads of leads to their offers using PPC." That ended the rejection problem.
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    A blog is a good and cheap way to start off.

    I would, however, recommend making it look professional and as if you have active visitors. Post on different areas of internet marketing (SEO, Site Flipping, PPC). I would also have a domain that is a few months old, they can easily check up on the date of your domain.
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    Networks are getting tough these days. Even just saying you do ppc is not going to get you into the door in a network that knows their stuff. The reason is due to threads like this. Everyone and their mommy is saying they do ppc. But the traffic driven to the offers is coming from stolen credit cards and its killing the advertisers and the network. The network won't pay on fraud traffic so it really is a waste of the time for the fraudsters to try to deceive the networks.

    How about driving legitimate traffic and tell the network how you plan to drive this legit traffic? Is that too much to ask for?

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    Best advice is above, be honest.

    If you're new, tell them you're new and learning. Some networks appreciate honesty and may even help you get going.

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    Let me catch the wagon and ask this:

    My content sites are good to show to Networks? You know, regular sites with SE traffic. Not much traffic to tell the truth.

    And those SE powered sites, do they convert with CPA?
    People make good money selling to the rich. But the rich got rich selling to the masses.
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