Is Acai Berry Offer Dead now?

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Is **** Berry Offer Dead now or still people making killing. I am ppcclassroom member and I was told not to promote as it is declining and already very competitive.

Want to check opinion of experts here.
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    Not opinion - just fact. Using quotes, a google search for "**** berry" has well over 6 million in competition.

    I'd say they are giving you solid advice.


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    I agree, seems like a "has been". Not seeing the ads on my site anymore (maybe that's because I blocked them)
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    There is a ton of advertiser competition still...What does that tell you? If someone is paying to drive that much's still a viable option.
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    I dont think its dead... The people who are in it are still making a bunch of money... It may not be a good time to start.. But I dont think It would be that bad.

    Micah Rush
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    It's not what you're promoting, but the angle that you take to promote it.

    If you're thinking of going on to AdWords and launching a PPC campaign with terms like "**** berry diet", you're going to have your work cut out for you.

    But the fact is, people are still buying it. They will be for a long time to come.

    It's not a question of whether **** berry is dead, because it quite obviously isn't. You don't get guys bidding $2 on critical keywords if the offer ain't selling.

    But it's incredibly difficult, if you're new to the vertical, to get:

    - A profitable campaign on AdWords.
    - A site ranked well for a term that converts.

    From a natural SEO point of view, you better have one hell of a portfolio of sites ready to jack the link juice on an **** berry site.

    From a PPC point of view, you better have a vice like grip on your long tail search terms - and ideally the ability to work with Yahoo and Microsoft to recoup some of the volume that you simply won't be able to muster on Google in the current market.

    If you want my advice, sure, it's definitely not too late to get involved with **** berry offers. But you need to take a different sales pitch and get involved with some media buys.

    Media buys are the only way you're going to generate enough volume without compromising profitability on sky high keyword bids.

    It's possible to get some good long tail terms. But it's small time. Not enough money, from my business standing, to invest the time.

    If you want to promote something similar but don't want to get buried in such a saturated market, I would suggest you take a look at the various skin care and anti-aging products. Not only can these be turned in to profitable campaigns on AdWords, but they're a goldmine of potential on MSN, Yahoo and in the international markets.
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    my 2cents, go international with ****... HINT HINT!..

    google insight tells you everything.

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      Originally Posted by LeivaMatias View Post

      my 2cents, go international with ****... HINT HINT!..

      google insight tells you everything.
      What traffic source would you use though? Google Adwords doens't like ****, from what I have heard.
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    Here's the big hint: If a marketer tells you something doesn't work, by all means TRY IT.

    You'll thank me later.
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      The **** have stopped growing in the US there all people market. But in other countries it still rising!
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        Well, it's not dead, but the potential it was showing has dropped drastically. Now a days it's conversion rate has dropped significantly and not so benefiting keyword any more.
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