How good is a WordPress with a Custom WordPress Websites

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How Good Is Wordpress?

If you're interested in blogging or know anything about blogs then you've probably come across Wordpress. It is one of the most popular blogging platforms, and millions of people use it across the world to create and manage their blogs. Consider a custom wordpress website.
Great - but how good IS Wordpress and why is it so popular?
1. First of all it's free. This has ensured its popularity with many people, especially so because it is so powerful and is very easily customized, unlike some expensive paid blogging platforms.

2. Wordpress is extremely easy to install. Pretty much anyone (even 'non-techies') can install Wordpress with the minimum of fuss, even if you've never done it before. There are also many tutorials available which guide you through the process, and because it is so popular there is plenty of help available online should you get stuck with anything.

3. There are thousands of themes available, so it's very easy to make your Wordpress blog look exactly the way you want it to. Choose from the thousands of free and paid themes which are available to download, or get your own custom theme created. Once you have your theme it's an absolute doddle to install and change it and have the custom wordpress website you always wanted

4. You can take advantage of the thousands of widgets and plugins which are out there. You can make your blog do pretty much whatever you want it to, and again many of them are completely free.

5. YOU own your blog. Unlike a service such as Blogger where your blog is simply hosted on someone else's server, with Wordpress you own your blog. Nobody can come along and shut it down or close your account.

6. Search engines love Wordpress, and it is very easy to get your blog into the listings. There are many widgets and simple 'tweaks' which you can do to ensure your blog gets indexed by the search engines in a very short space of time.

7. Lastly, Custom WordPress Websites are appealing and highly SEO Friendly. Take the time to contact a designer to help you with your WordPress custom websites

Wordpress is probably THE most popular blogging platform and rightly so. I love it and I wouldn't even consider using anything else. It really is that good.
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