How Does Website Design Affect Site Traffic?

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The design of your website can have an influence on the traffic that it can generate, and this is a tested fact. Your site should be designed not only for the search engines to crawl and index your site highly on the search results pages, but more importantly for your readers to make them stay and glued to your site's contents.

A website that has more clutter will not be user friendly and this is not your objective so you need to have it designed well to achieve its purpose. You can have a web designer who can design it for you but you also have to know some things with regards to the design of your website in order for it not to give an adverse effect on your traffic.
  • Keep your website simple and do not include the use of flash in your website's design. It can have a direct effect on site loading time and thus have a great effect on website traffic.
  • Minimize the use of cells and tables in your website's design. It can also have an effect on page loading speed and minimizing its usage can have a great effect on loading time.
  • The important keywords that you use should be included in the headers, at the top of your page content. This can have an influence on site traffic because finding your page interesting, through the headers they see, will not make readers go back to search.
  • Your specific keywords should be on the first page of your website. With this structure you can have your site be more attractive to users, finding the relevant keywords that will make them stick around in your website.
  • Pages that redirect should not be included in your website's contents. This method of redirecting will not make users happy and finding them in your website may just make them click back to search immediately.
  • Make an effort to track your search engines rankings and the website traffic you generated back to your site. Through this effort you will know if the design of your site is well created such that it results to high search engine ranking and likewise high search volume.
  • After your site is indexed by the search engines it is a good strategy for web designer to look back and see which pages are not getting high page rankings. If this is the case it is a good strategy for web designers to make adjustments on the web design for improved website traffic.
It is a good practice if you make frequent small changes in your website's design often. This will not make your website static and the search engines also like sites that are having frequent changes, and not only the users.

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