Article Writing 101 - The Step-By-Step Process To Writing A Killer Article

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Article writing has become one of the easiest ways for prolific writers to earn an income on the web. There are a few ways to earn easy cash from articles. Some do it by promoting affiliate programs within their articles, others do freelance work, while there are others that publish their articles in ebooks that they can sell for a residual income stream.

Article writing might be what some may call an art. There's a certain flow to writing a compelling article that readers will read through from beginning to end. It's vital for you to master this flow if you want to maximize every article you write.

The first thing any hotshot article marketer does before writing any article is doing the necessary research. This could consist of a simple search on Google or/and a trip to the library. If you are writing a very important article, it would obviously require a more thorough research process.

The next step is to organize your findings in the form of notes. You can write these notes in any format you want, but the best way I have found is to organize them in a point form.

Then you can begin writing your first draft. A good article usually consists of three main parts: The introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

The introduction consists of a few sentences that eases the reader into the topic and prepares him for the main points.

The body is where your main points reside. Here's where those notes come in handy, and it's where the meat of your article is.

The conclusion summarizes everything you have said and you could add in additional points and tips that might help the reader.

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